This guide provides a step-by-step process on how to format the appearance of question lines in your LeadsHook decision tree.


  • An active LeadsHook account
  • An existing decision tree within LeadsHook

Here is an example of a question line without formatting:

Here is an example of a question with formatting:

Step by Step Instructions

1. Creating Question Lines

  • Create a new ‘Questions & Answers’ node. This is where you’ll set up question lines format.

Here is the Questions & Answers node configurations for the example as shown above.

2. Formatting question lines

  • Click “Appearance”

  • Click “Chatbot Lines”

  • The text styles, question line styles and background color can be formatted.


Effectively formatting question lines in your decision tree can enhance the user experience, making your decision tree more engaging and user-friendly.


  • Can I use different formatting styles for different question lines?
    • Yes, each question line can be individually formatted.

How to create chat bot?

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