Please watch the video below for instruction on how to display your decision trees on your own domain…

Note: As per our Domain Policy and as stated on our initial Domain migration instructions. Once you agree to migrate a domain, you won’t be able to remove it until the next 30 days.

You can however change it if you have made a mistake with migrating your main domain instead of a subdomain.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are no longer generating SSL CNAME values. You only need your own subdomain to point to

Common Errors


  • You get an error when pressing “Check Status” to confirm DNS entries have been correctly setup.

If you get this error or one about SSL…


Then, please confirm if your DNS entries have been entered correctly. Please use this URL to check if your subdomain has been created.

Enter your subdomain link, and select CNAME as record type, and press “Lookup DNS”

Under Result, a value pointed needs to be pointed to

If it says “No record found!”, just like what is shown in the picture, update or re-add your DNS settings.


You can also check on your own computer…


dig +short


nslookup -type=cname

You can search if your DNS entries have been updated within a new few minutes.

Here’s what a successful result looks like…

You’ll see command in yellow and the result in red dashed box. This confirms the DNS entries have been correctly entered.


  • Trailing Dots Causing Issues

Some DNS won’t accept a trailing dot. If you see an error with dots, then please retry without the dots.

Or sometimes registrars will accept it without dots or _ and then once it is accepted, you can then edit it and add _ or a dot.

How to Add Your Custom Domain DNS Entries at Google Domains…


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