This message appears often enough with false positives that Norton/Symantec have a special website to report this to get your domain/site whitelisted!

As a first step, please run a malware test and confirm there are no issues. If you using self-managed platforms like WordPress then these issues can happen.

Use this free tool to test your malware issues. Please note: This is not conclusive test and your site might still have issues.

Addressing the Norton Warning:

Here’s how to test if your domain or site is affected

Please replace with your domain. Test your subdomains as well esp. if using custom domains with a page builder and/or LeadsHook

In case your website is listed, then here’s how to remove it:

Step 1: Whitelist Your Website

You do NOT need to do anything for STEP 1 for your LeadsHook decision trees.
EACH and EVERY page generated by LeadsHook including your custom domains includes Norton’s verification meta tag.
You will have to follow Step 2 instructions for your domains.

Norton’s Complete Instructions:

Click the link above to see instructions on how to whitelist your domain

There are 2 methods of verification.

We’ll show you how to use Method 1: Adding a meta name tag to your LeadsHook decision trees. You should repeat this for all other pages.

 <meta name=“norton-safeweb-site-verification” >

You can confirm meta tag appears under the HEAD section of your decision trees

Step 2: Submit Your Domains For Review.

Further Information:

Here’s a short discussion on the issue:

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