Review & Critiques

“The success of an entire advertising campaign may stand or fall on what is said in the headlines of the individual advertisements.”

-John Caples (1932). “Tested Advertising Methods: How to Profit by Removing Guesswork”

What is this?

We conduct reviews via a screen-cam video where we’ll review your decision trees, funnels and marketing including copy, ads, and landing pages.

This is a look over-the-shoulder review – the biggest takeaways appears to be off-the-cuff comment while doing the review.

You’ll be surprised by how many ideas you’ll pick up that you can implement right away.

Here are a list of elements we check for in a review

  1. Pitch & Appeals (What we really want, Presuppositions)
  2. Buying Continuum
  3. Congruency (Look & feel that reinforces the pitch & appeal)
  4. Flow (Is this like a real conversation or are you a weirdo?)
  5. Threshold (Easy questions upfront. Can any questions be delayed)
  6. Consistency (Ads ⇒ Landing Page ⇒ Offer/Lead Magnet)
  7. Language (I vs you, active, conversational)
  8. Reason Why?
  9. Micro-commitments
  10. Are choices & answers mutually exclusive
  11. Granular progression
  12. Individualisation & Parrot-phrasing
  13. Are delivering on the promise made in Ad & Headline
  14. Scarcity vs Urgency
  15. FOMO (Build value & then take it away).

How Does This Add Value

It’s hard to be self-critical and sometimes another set of eyes or perspective is all we need. The problem is asking your best friends or a collegue will often prove futile. You need someone who has expertise and experience in what you’re trying to accomplish.

This is where we add most value — we make decision trees, day-in, day-out. We’ve been involved in so many niches and so many lead gen and marketing campaigns, a critique is probably the breakthrough you’re looking for.

The greatest benefit our reviews provide is new appeals you’ll get… arguably the most important part of your decision tree.

Who Should Consider This?

If you’re stuck and need fresh perspective or if you have a campaign not performing as well as you’d like.


There are 2 kinds of critiques we do.

Both reviews are the same except if we can add the reviews to our training portal for other users.

  1. FREE (Recorded)

    Our review will be added to our training portal.

  1. $499 for a Private Review (Live or Recorded).

    You get a 30 min follow-up video call in addition to a review. Use this for any follow-up questions or if you want us to give your changes a once-over. We’re quite generous with users who help themselves.

Your Next Step…

Please contact us with your decision tree canvas URL, your landing page URL, links to your ads and any background information.

P.S.  We do not take more than one client per vertical or market.  If we are already serving one of your competitors, then we can not accept you as a client.

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