Review & Critiques

“The success of an entire advertising campaign may stand or fall on what is said in the headlines of the individual advertisements.”

-John Caples (1932). “Tested Advertising Methods: How to Profit by Removing Guesswork”

What’s Included In My Deep Dive Review?

This ISN’T your average generic review…

Nik has spent the last 18 Months working with 10 separate teams, creating and refining a framework for rapid campaign creation and improvement.

The result?

We take your specific funnel through a 6-step process of…

  • Funnel Review
  • Copy Review
  • Tech Review
  • Persuasion Review
  • Tracking & Analytics Review
  • Data Mining Opportunities

Add this to the 20+ years of marketing & business knowledge in his toolbox;

You’ll have a Crystal Clear ‘Proven’ Marketing Strategy to take your business forward for the next few months and beyond.


How Does This Add Value

It’s hard to be self-critical, and sometimes another set of eyes or perspective is all we need.

The problem is asking your best friends, colleague, or business partners will often prove futile.

You need someone who has expertise and experience in what you’re trying to accomplish.

With over 50,000 funnels in 100-plus verticals under our belt, we have the data and knowledge at our disposal for the breakthroughs you’re looking for.

The greatest benefit our reviews provide is the new appeals to test.

Arguably the most important part of your marketing funnel for optimization and getting an edge over your competitors.

Should You Consider This?


If you want to optimize your funnel, boost your conversions, and significantly move the needle when it comes to your monthly revenue.

And if you are stuck and need a fresh perspective and one proven strategy to rule them all.

When Should You NOT Consider This…

If you’re 100% happy with your current marketing setup and have no desire to improve it or increase your market share in your industry.

What Others (Like You) Have Said

Fark if you haven’t used their review services or anything else you should jump on it.

Nik did a review for me on my whole funnel and holy smokes soooo much I can improve on 😄

Split testing going into action this week 😄”

Marius du Preez

“I just want to thank Nik and LeadsHook team for this campaign review

The call was just non-stop value tailored to my specific situation. We looked at everything from each individual question in my quiz funnel, landing page, Facebook & Google tracking, marketing angles, psychology, page load speed, overall lead gen strategy, increasing lead quality, improving conversions, split testing campaigns, and much more.

It would have taken me years to figure out all this stuff by myself so it was well worth the investment.

Thank you again Nik, goood stuff!” 🙏

Jean-Christophe Lacroix

“Having Nik review, my Decision Tree will have saved me a ton of money.

The review opened my eyes to so many aspects that I had totally overlooked! Until now I have been driving paid traffic to an unsuitable landing page and an over-complicated and confusing decision tree.

Nik’s insights have given me a new direction and given me so much to think about. Whereas before I was kinda flogging a dead horse!

So having Nik’s expert eye looking over my work is an incredibly valuable resource that will have saved me a fortune in paid traffic costs.

There is no amount of online tutorials and forums that can provide the same education.

Regards, one happy customer”

Jon Bowles

Your Investment

Your investment for your private, high-value review is $2,000. (Live or Recorded)

After you book your spot, we’ll create a project for you to share your ads, funnel, landers, and stats.

Then we’ll review the material and prepare slides for our video call.

Your video call is for about an hour. (In reality, it’s not 1-hour as Nik is very generous with his time)

Following the call, you’ll receive a recording, slides, and a full actionable strategy to transform your funnel and your business.

However, if $2000 seems like a big investment right now.

To put it into perspective:

“Just came off an awesome Consultancy Call with Nik. In my first 2 mins he probably saved me £1,000 in ad spend per week! – and for the rest of the call, he potentially made me another £1000 per week.

If you need help from a top business guru to assist you in seeing the light – he is your man”

Gavin Thorne

Limited Availability

Because of the popularity of our 1-Hour Deep Dive Reviews’, and the amount of time required for the research and preparation for each one…We currently limit the number of reviews a month.

So, please fill in the form below to guarantee your spot or be added to the waiting list.

Your Next Step…

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