LeadsHook Partner Program

You receive 25% of all successful billings of our SaaS product, LeadsHook for LIFE!

Ineligible for Commissions

All non-LeadsHook Subscription Revenue including Consulting Fees, Courses, Add-On LeadsHook products, Apps & Software.

Send qualified leads our way and we’ll take of the rest!

See examples here: https://www.leadshook.com/examples/

Our current pricing https://www.leadshook.com/pricing/

Ideal LeadsHook User

At a minimum is a moderately experienced marketer.

Can be an affiliate, an agency, consultant.

Knows a bit about traffic, marketing, landing pages.

Is a user of an existing email marketing or marketing automation software.

PLEASE NOTE:  LeadsHook should not be promoted as a GET-RICH QUICK product.

Keep ‘Em Forever Backend

Sticky Product

Personalised user on boarding

Leave-No-Issue Behind Support (Fast & Through response)

Funnel & decision tree reviews

New Courses for Users

Customer-driven development (New features and enhancement practically everyday)

New Innovative Campaigns

We’re creating new front-of-funnel campaigns all the time for you to promote.

There is no obligation or pressure.

Your Dashboard

How to Update Your Payment Details

Apply now if you are an active LeadsHook User OR have used LeadsHook in the recent past. Only affiliates with proven usage will be approved.


Affiliate Terms & Conditions

How to Increase the Lifetime Value of Each User You Send to LeadsHook

The LeadsHook Affiliate program gives you access to emails of users sent by you. 

You can update your own records, create additional value so these users remain long term users of LeadsHook (and you continue to receive commissions).

LeadsHook is being used in multiple verticals from top-of-funnel campaigns all the way to post-conversion campaigns to sell many more products and services on the backend. 

Our best affiliates continue to support users with additional use-cases of LeadsHook relevant to their audience.

How to access emails of LeadsHook users associated with you…