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You receive 25% of all successful billings of our SaaS product, LeadsHook for LIFE!

Ineligible for Commissions

All non-LeadsHook Subscription Revenue including Consulting Fees, Courses, Add-On LeadsHook products, Apps & Software.

Send qualified leads our way and we’ll take of the rest!

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Ideal LeadsHook User

At a minimum is a moderately experienced marketer.

Can be an affiliate, an agency, consultant.

Knows a bit about traffic, marketing, landing pages.

Is a user of an existing email marketing or marketing automation software.

PLEASE NOTE:  LeadsHook should not be promoted as a GET-RICH QUICK product.

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Sticky Product

Personalised user on boarding

Leave-No-Issue Behind Support (Fast & Through response)

Funnel & decision tree reviews

New Courses for Users

Customer-driven development (New features and enhancement practically everyday)

New Innovative Campaigns

We’re creating new front-of-funnel campaigns all the time for you to promote.

There is no obligation or pressure.

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