LeadsHook Features

To give you the best chance of Winning at Lead Gen we keep things simple at Leadshook.

This is why you get every feature as standard, no matter if you’re a one man band or a growing enterprise.

(Even the exclusive ones ⭐)

LeadsHook Features Exclusive at LeadsHook
(Last time we checked)
14 Day Free Trial All LeadsHook User's
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Decision Trees
Unlimited Custom Fields
Unhackable Funnels
Real-Time Dynamically Generated Personalized Content
Charts & Graphs  
Offer Price Qoutes  
Quiz Builder (Decision Tree)  
Survey Builder (Decision Tree)  
Dynamically Personalized Offers, Lead Magnets, Sales Pages & Reports  
Dynamic Call to Action Buttons  
Virtual Salespeople  
Product Led Guides  
Design, Look & Feel
Non-Developer Appearance Menu  
Template Library  
Create Perfect Designs with Custom CSS  
Combine different calculations across Decision Tree for complex results
Pull in real time numerical data from 3rd party sites to enrich your calculations
Via Direct link  
Custom domains
Inbuilt Page Zero Personalization
Geo - Special Offer for {country}
URL Params incl UTM Params  
Real Time Data Verification
SMS Code Confirmation  
False Data Loop Back Feature
Data Transfer
Transfer to multiple Multiple CRMs, Lead Distribution Platforms Simultaneously  
Incremental data transfer  
Transfer data via email using your own email address  
Transfer data via SMS using your own mobile number  
Data Augmentation
Bring in new data in real time from 3rd party sources with API Calls  
Fire Multiple Webhooks from One Decision Tree
Granular Data Accumulation
Each interaction is automatically saved  
Free Data
Fraud Flagging
Visual Flow Decision Tree Builder  
Visual Conditional Logic
100% Adaptable Pathways
Dynamic Lead Profiling
Zero Tech Tracking
Get a Dynamically Generated Google Tag Manager Container  
Tracking entry and exit of each interaction
One-click firing of events or custom events or conversions  
Tracking Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok  
Google Ads Enhanced Tracking Built-In
Tracking when embedded  
Inbuilt Serverside Tracking
Inbuilt Advanced Audience Building using fraud & conversions data or geo/country data or device data
True Enterprise Scalability
Battled tested with up to 200,000 leads per day
Enhanced User Experience Via Superior Page Speed
Industry leading page speed scores
Leave No Issue Behind Support
Best Customer Success Team In SaaS
Monthly Conversion Lab Trainings  
Facebook Users Group  
Extensive Knowledge Base  
Additional Training + Courses  
In-Built Split Testing - Decision Trees and Landing Pages