Security So Tight Even We Can’t Access Your Leads Unless You Give Your Permission

Ever heard a SaaS owner or employee brag and boast about clients’ data? Well we have and that sucks! So we removed our own access. Should we ever require access, we’ll ask you to give us permission.

Customized Messages To Social Media

Use the power of custom fields to dynamically personalize social media messages.

Increase your message copulation rate, the rate at which a virus spreads, by adding the sharer’s own personal results or details into the social media message.

You can even add custom images, and custom fields you have captured data in.

{first_name} is a level 10 in Pokemon.  How close are you to SMASHING {first_name}’s record?

ZERO ‘Opt-In Form’ Lead Capture

LeadsHook allows you to add a custom field anywhere you want.

Add easy to fill in fields first to form a ‘pattern’ of compliance followed by fields like email and/or mobile phone.

Tip!  Add reason-why copy whenever you ask for email and mobile number.

Discover Your ‘Real’ Customers So You Can Shut Off Almost All of Your Paid Traffic

Imagine the possibilities about who your real customers are (forget all that customer avatar stuff).

You will need an email service provider that allows you to save shopping cart data with lead record

Shut off traffic that is costing you money but not where your customers come from.  This is HUGE! You can turn losing campaigns into profit vacuums overnight.

Node Level Facebook Tracking

Yes, you can even pass Facebook events throughout your decision tree to create a rich set of events for remarketing and lookalike audiences. Hope you’ll recognize the power of this! In case you don’t we’re constantly adding to our training.

Embed Anywhere

Deploying your decision trees is as simple as copy and pasting Facebook pixel.  You’ll be segmenting your market on your own domains and even 3rd party web properties like your Facebook fan page.

Maintain and enhance your brand value by controlling the look & feel so your decision trees sit seamlessly inside your existing web properties.

Leverage of the value of your existing domains and content by embedding your website insider your existing website.

Control the look & feel so your decision trees sit embedded inside your existing website.

Why have the most powerful content, your decision trees sitting on an external domain.

Close Sales Faster

Do you have a need to close sales via a phone?

You can now add your ‘closers’ email address and each and every lead will be emailed as soon as it’s captured.  There is not need to wait for the lead to arrive in your Email Service Provider or CRM.

Imagine a wow experience when yours leads get a call within seconds after filling out a form online.

Create Monitization Pathways

What’s a daisy-chain?

In IT networking, a daisy-chain are series of computers connected to each other where A is connects to B, B connects to C and so on…

With LeadsHook, you can add a short list of questions… followed by a quick payoff delivered via a personalized results page or a valuable lead magnet… even without adding a form.


Because we want to quickly deliver value upfront before ASKING for anything in return…

Why is this so powerful?  Because you’re giving value without asking for anything in return.  This establishes your ability to offer answers and this builds credibility.

Lastly, you evoke reciprocity.  There is a bit more to this… which is in our training section.

One-Click Google Tag Manager Deployment

Leadshook comes with its own GTM container that has been optmised for cross domain as well as cross domain iframe tracking.

Bring your Google Analytics, Google Conversion Tracking and Facebook Pixel and LeadsHook does the rest.

True Path Dependency

Create decision trees that are truly path-dependent to as many levels as you want.  You can even add multiple conditions.

Example:  You can segment anytime in your decision tree to create the most personalized experience, your leads and customers will think they’re having a natural conversation.

Checkbox Question

This has to be one of the most efficient ways to get data a lot of data.  Here’s why checkboxes are so effective… checkbox options allow a person to make choices from ‘none’ to ‘all’.  Choices allow people to engage with your decision tree… this decreases abandonment.

Checkboxes are particularly useful when you want to discover multiple reasons or factors around a problem or benefit.

Example:  Which of the following <problem/issue/benefit> apply?

Dynamically Generated Lead Magnets

LeadsHook generates personalised lead magnets based on answers selected in your decision tree.

Now, you can also tell LeadsHook to display the best result or generate a free report or use points… in fact you are only limited by your imagination.

Mobile Phone Field Based On IP Address.

LeadsHook automatically shows the flag of the country where the visitor is based along with the format expected.

We’re saving the mobile number in E164 format to ensure your mobile number can be used by all SMS gateways.

Native Email Service Provider Integrations

Currently we natively connect to Active Campaign, Aweber, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, and MailChimp.

Why Native?

So we can offer additional capability like creating in custom fields and tags at your email service provider from inside LeadsHook without ever leaving LeadsHook.

But the main reason we have native integration is to support high volume clients… who have captured 30-40 leads per second.  This type of load needs specialized infrastructure.