LeadsHook Pricing

Advanced Lead Gen…

…With Unmatched Value

LeadsHook was designed to get the Highest Quality Leads at the Lowest Cost, no matter your traffic source.

Whether you have clients, customers, prospects, or leads…

It’s built to squeeze out every last drop of ‘revenue’ juice from your funnel.

How does LeadsHook do this?​

Advanced Lead Gen…

…With Unmatched Value

LeadsHook was designed to get the Highest Quality Leads at the Lowest Cost, no matter your traffic source.

Whether you have clients, customers, prospects, or leads…

It’s built to squeeze out every last drop of ‘revenue’ juice from your funnel.

How does LeadsHook do this?​

"I’ve tried Typeform aswell which is pretty nice and slick. But from what I’ve tried, nothing compares to LeadsHook in terms of depth and functionality - It just has the features to take you to another level…"

Tom Midds
"I recently took a trial at Bucket.io out of curiosity, and whilst it looked pretty, the functionality and possibility were incomparable to LeadsHook. I have Thrive Themes. It’s still a very basic quiz.

Still so much more to learn with LeadsHook, and the more you learn, the more you realise the possibilities."
Sean Beardmore

"…The possibilities and options for the software are off the hook (pun intended)…"

Daniel More


The Most Advanced Features Of Any Lead Gen Tool​

This is just
scratching the surface…


Unrivaled Page Speeds For Optimum Site Performance

It’s not often talked about, but for online businesses, slow page speeds can have a catastrophic effect on your business by boosting your CPC (Cost Per Click) & Bounce Rates. 

CASE STUDY A) - Paid Traffic & CPC

$1000 Traffic Spend
36% lower CPC
$360 Saving

$10000 Traffic Spend
36% lower CPC
$3600 Saving

$100000 Traffic Spend
36% lower CPC
$36000 Saving

What would a 36% lower CPC saving mean to you…
Over a week…a month…or even a year?

CASE STUDY B) - All Traffic (Paid/Organic) & Bounce Rate

But because they’re losing 37% of visitors from the bounce, the revenue is only $1260

Which is LOST revenue of $740 daily 

Or ~$270100 over a year

Not from marketing, bad customer service, or a horrible product…

But from a slow page.  

Bottom line…

Any delay is BAD news for a business bank balance.

When It Comes To Page Speed…

LeadsHook Doesn’t Compromise

Results From Real LeadsHook Users...

LeadsHook Pricing Explained…

At LeadsHook, we keep pricing as fair as possible.

As you only get billed for
USAGE you’ll NEVER get stuck on a high-priced plan if you have a quiet month. 
You will get billed MONTHLY in ADVANCE based on the number of impressions USED.

What is an impression?

An impression is when an ACTIVATED or LIVE decision tree is viewed. You can create, view, edit, and test as much as you want – viewing INACTIVE decision trees do NOT count toward your impressions.

$ 99 ​
  • All Features
$ 249
  • All Features
$ 499​
  • All Features

What You'd Pay...

99,000 Impressions Used In a Month 

Total Due: $99

Payment at Beginning of Month: $99

Payment at End of Month: $0

199,000 Impressions Used In a Month  Total Due: $249 Payment at Beginning of Month: $249 Payment at End of Month: $0

Usage Greater Than 500,000 Impressions in a Month will be billed as follows:

$0.001 x Impressions

Example:  If 550,000 impressions are used then you will be billed $550 for the month.


What is a decision tree?
A LeadsHook decision tree is a way to customise and personalise interactions based user actions. A LeadsHook decision tree is primarly used for lead generation but can also be used sales conversions, and even post sales. The end result is to offer each one of your website visitors, leads and customers a unique experience.
What makes a decision tree so different to a quiz or survey?

Simply, a LeadsHook decision is path-dependent. Previous customer interactions influence the next step. Survey and quizzes are linear in nature — every person gets the same question irrespective of previous actions or answers.

What is an activated decision tree?
In order for your decision tree to capture data, you must activate your decision tree. Activation is also known as going-live or publishing your decision tree. Activating the decision tree is a one-click step.
What is an impression?

Whenever an activated decision tree is displayed or rendered.

Where can a decision tree be displayed?

You can show your decision anywhere you can add a simple embed code. This includes your website or any other 3rd party web property or social media website.

How long does it take to make a decision tree?

Once you become proficient, you’ll be able to create even complex decision trees in minutes. You can also clone an existing decision tree and make minor changes.

Are there any limits on how much data can be collected about our leads and customers?

A data point is one separate piece of information like a name or email address. There are no limits about how much data you can collect.

Are there any limits on how many decision trees can be activated at any one time?

At the moment, there are zero limits.  Limits will be introduced shortly but all customers on a paid plans will continue to enjoy zero limits.

Does LeadsHook integrate with 3rd party apps?

Yes, LeadsHook integrates with thousands of 3rd party apps.  Further, there are 6 ways to get the data out of LeadsHook into other 3rd party apps and software.

For instructions, please see:


What features do you have?

Please see a summary of the unique features provided by LeadsHook above.


Can I access multiple LeadsHook accounts with one user login?

Yes. For your convenience each person only ever needs to create one user login to access as many LeadsHook accounts as they have permission.  Users can be assign different permission levels to limit access.

How many LeadsHook accounts can I create?

You can create as many accounts as you want but we can’t see any benefit of doing that. The higher your impressions, the lower lower the per impression cost.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your account at any time. We have a low priced plan for low usage and we recommend you can keep your account open. Lead generation is getting much more difficult and use of new technologiies like interactive and dynamic content generation is almost a necesscity for success. If you ever stuck or need help with execution please contact us.


How many users can I add to me account?

Unlimited number of users.

Can I create users with different levels of permissions?

Currently we have 3 permission levels
Owner: This is the account owner — the person who signs up for the account. An owner has access to the entire application including the ability to change their payment details, add and remove users and to see view leads.

Admin: An admin has the same access levels of an owner but can not add/remove users. An admin does not have access to payment details. An admin has access to leads.

User. A user has access to all of the features of LeadsHook but can’t not view or export your leads. You can give access to marketing consultants or even outsourced help to create your campaigns without ever having access to your leads and customers.


Can I use one LeadsHook account for all of my clients?

Yes, you can.  We have the ability to add as many email service provider accounts as you want as well as any number of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or FB Pixel codes.

I want my clients to pay for their own usage?

At the moment, we only allow billing per account not per decision tree. Your clients can open a LeadsHook account with their own credit card and billing details. Then they can simply invite you as an authorised user.

Alternatively, you can simply bill them for creation, maintenance and marketing of decision trees as part of the service you provide.


Please explain your pricing.

We understand business can be volatile with periods of low lead generation activities followed by high volumes. This is why there are NO plans to select. You are billed on the number of impressions used. At the end of each 30-day period, we count your impressions for the month and based on the tiers above you will be billed accordingly. This means you are not wasting money by being stuck on high volume plan which you only need a few times.
You have access and can use ALL of the advanced features.

PLEASE NOTE: The free trial impressions are NOT included or aggregated with your subscription. The free trial impressions are only for testing. If your plan goes beyond the trial period, then will be billed for the entire preceding 30-days.

Do I need to upgrde or downgrade my plans?

LeadsHook has very simple pricing. We bill you on usage. As such there is no need to upgrade or downgrade. You have unlimited access to ALL features.

Are there any features that require extra payments to access?

Yes, some Advanced features are available at an additional cost

Can I control my spend or use of impressions.
Yes absolutely. We want to ensure you do not waste a cent on unprofitable campaigns. We have a budget feature where you can turn off the display of a decision tree once a limit has been reached. You can also create unlimited warning notifications as your campaign scales. This way you’re in total control of your spend or impressions usage on LeadsHook.
What payments do you accept?

We accept AMEX, VISA and Mastercard

Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?
Yes, we require a valid credit card at sign-up. You must enter your credit card and billing details to prevent any disruptions to your campaigns. You will get notifications when your 1 Million impressions limit has been reached. Further, you can add notification and budget limits to all of your decision tree campaigns.
Are there any setup fees?
No, there are NO setup fees. Further our support is also included to help you get up and running as soon as possible. (We do offer consulting but that is to execute a specific marketing campaign). Please go to https://www.leadshook.com/services/
Are there any hidden fees?
No there are no hidden fees. You pay for what you use. All other payments are revealed before your signup including services and advanced features.


Will my data be private and safe?

Yes, we’ve invested significant resources to protect your data. We have a maintenance plan for frequent and regular scans of our entire infrastructure as well as security patches. All of our services can only be accessed via SSL encryption.

For more information please go to:

EU GDPR Compliance

Australian Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme (NDB)


Do you sell information to 3rd parties?
No, we do not sell any information to anyone.
Do you have access to my leads?
NO, LeadsHook employees can’t access your leads unless you invite us. This is only needed to help troubleshoot a specific problem or issues. Once resolved, you can and should remove our access.

Trial Period

What is the 1,000,000 impressions limit in the evaluation plan?
The evaluation plan is there for you to use ALL of the features and take as much as time as you need to decide if LeadsHook is right for you. The only limit we have is 1 million impressions which have to be used by the end of the evaluation period. The evaluation plan will run for 14 days and then your account will be deleted if not converted into a paid plan. This evaluation and trial period is for evaluation and we do not have any ongoing free plans at this stage. PLEASE NOTE: ALL UNUSED IMPRESSIONS ARE FORFEITED AT THE END OF THE EVALUATION PERIOD. YOU WILL BE BILLED FOR THE ENTIRE 30 DAYS PERIOD FROM THE DATE OF YOUR SIGNUP. THE IMPRESSIONS ARE FREE FOR EVALUATION ONLY. IF MUST INFORM US IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO CONTINUE AFTER THE 14-DAY TRIAL PERIOD. YOU WILL BE BILLED FOR THE ENTIRE 30 DAYS PERIOD FROM THE DATE OF YOUR SIGNUP IF YOU CONTINUE. THE FREE IMPRESSIONS ARE NOT AGGREGATED OR INCLUDED IN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.
Does my free evaluation plan limit my access to features?
No. You have unlimited access to ALL features. You are only permitted to display 1 Million impression in total across as many decision trees as you can create. Please note: An impression is a display of an activated decision tree. There are no limits to test and display an unactivated decision tree.
What happens when my limit of 1 million impressions is reached?
Your account access will be stopped and you’ll have to move to a paid plan. We will send you reminders before your 1 million impressions limit is reached. If you’ve used a million impressions then you’ve probably generated over 300,000 leads!
What happens at the end of the Trial period?
All accounts that do not have a paid plan at the 30-day mark will be terminated and permanently removed. 30 days is more than sufficient time to evaluate and make a decision if LeadsHook is right for you. We will send you a number of reminders and warning.
Is it free to join LeadsHook?
Yes, the evaulator plan is free to join.
Am I locked into a contract?
There is no contract — pay as you go based on what you use on an monthly basis. You can cancel at anytime without penalty.
Do you offer refunds?
No, we do not offer refunds. We have a very generous evaluator plan — you get a full 14 days to use an unlimited version of LeadsHook including training and support. This is a sufficient time to assess the value and usefulness of LeadsHook to your business.


Do you charge for training & support?

No, we do not charge for access to any of our training resources or support. For consulting services, please see


What training & support is included?
We have video training, checklists, process maps avalable in our help section. If you need further training then we will do a live video/screen-cam to resolve any issues. Please note: though we may share marketing strategy and ideas to improve your decsion tree, this is generally not included in our free support. Please contact us if you need a done-for-you campaign. All of our services are listed here:
Do you provide a done-for-you service including strategy, design and execution?

Yes. Please goto: https://www.leadshook.com/services/done-for-you-decision-trees/

Can you conduct a bespoke and personlised training for my team?
Yes, we can. Please contact us for more details.