LeadsHook takes data security very seriously. We have browser to database encryption.

Privacy by Design

We have implemented 2-Factor Authentication to provide you with peace of mind. All passwords are one-way encrypted. We can not see nor retrieve them for you.

We can’t publicly reveal our security protocols to ensure we don’t reveal anything that can be used by those we are protecting your data from.

Here is some general information to give you peace of mind.

Application Security

        All account passwords are one-way hashed. Our employees cannot view yourpassword.
        Every page of the application uses SSL.
        All pages where you can login are encrypted with SSL.

Internal Security Protocol

  • Access to customer data is limited to team members who necessarily require access.  All new team members that have access to customer data undergo background check prior to employment.

Data Centre Security

  • Servers are stored in multiple nondescript data centre facilities with physical barriers at the perimeter and entry to prevent unauthorized entry.  Entrance requires either electronic access control or validation by human security personnel.
  • Only employees and contractors with a legitimate business need have access to the facilities.

Protection from Data Loss

  • Account data is hot replicated and backed up regularly