‘Fix It Up’ Tech Overhaul

What is the Fix-It-Up Service?

Experiencing any of these issues…

Custom fields not showing up?

Integrations seem to be miles apart?

Decision trees are just not embedding?

Data or leads not transferring?

Tracking… not tracking much?

Pixels not firing or firing multiple times?

Or technical mumbo jumbo makes you want to punch a hole in your laptop?

Then stop wasting your precious time on activities that clearly should not be done by you.

How Does This Add Value

Firstly, you’d get stuff done because you wouldn’t be wasting time on unpleasant but necessary “busy-work”

Secondly, you’d do work you truly enjoy

Thirdly, you’d be happier because you were achieving your goals

The ‘Fix-It-Up’ Tech Overhaul removes the frustrating minutiae that you should be doing.

Let us take care of it for you so you can finally get your campaign started.


Who Should Consider This?

You must consider the ‘Fix-It-Up’ Tech Overhaul when…

  1. You’re struggling with the technical aspects of marketing.


You’ll receive… a Fixed-Up Decision tree

  1. Analytics and Tracking… DONE
  2. Leads captured and transferred to your clients, CRM or email marketing system.. DONE
  3. Decision tree will be setup and embedded on your site… DONE

So basically it’s a complete done for you except for the creative/marketing part.

All we need from you is….

a) Your LeadsHook Decision Tree Canvas URL

b) Advertorial/Landing page where you are embedding your decision trees.  We’ve worked with many page builders.

c) Integration: Where are the leads going?  Do different leads go to different places?  There are 6 ways to extract your data from LeadsHook.

d) Analytics/Tracking.  We’ll access your Google Tag Manager account, your Google Analytics UA code and your Facebook pixel id.

The Fix-It-Up service starts at $750 and is subject to change depending on the complexity

You’ll receive a video where we explain the work that has been done.  You can refer to this video to do it yourself for all future project or use it to train your team or any outsourced contractors you hire. This is a great way to teach yourself and then pass the knowledge to someone else in your team.

You’re building an advanced capability for such a small one time investment.

What is NOT Included

Please note:

  1. This is a rapid execution service and does not include any marketing, copywriting or strategy.
  2. Our role is to be your team and execute fast so you can have your campaigns up and running.

Your Next Step…

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