Rather Stick Your Head In A Blender Than Deal With Tracking & The Techie Side Of Campaigns?

#1 Reason Campaigns Don't Go LIVE....
And If They Do...
Lose Profits Like Water From A Leaky Bucket💦 🪣

(Go LIVE & Plug Those Holes Now)

The ‘Techie Stuff’ is a thorn in the side of most battle-hardened marketers.

It could be:

  • 🛑 Struggling with google tag manager…
  • 🛑 Having problems with their Facebook serverside side API conversions…
  • 🛑 Their integrations are miles apart…
  • 🛑 Data and leads not transferring…
  • 🛑 Their Tracking… Is not tracking much…
  • 🛑 Pixels are not firing or firing multiple times…

Or any other technical mumbo jumbo makes them want to punch a hole in their laptop.

And if what I’ve just said sounds like a different language…

Chances you may have come across some technical  problems with LeadsHook.

But you’re not alone.

As this is, without doubt, one of the biggest obstacles stopping any marketer’s campaigns from going LIVE…

With one client’s own admission…

“I wouldn’t touch the techie side of my campaigns even if my life depended on it!”

LeadsHook User Since 2019

For those marketers who find the techy side of marketing a walk in the park…

And who are winning…(And I mean REALLY winning!)

confidential LeadsHook

If you want the same, or want to scale your business this year…

This obstacle doesn’t exist.

But for most of us…

Who thrive in other areas of their business like creatives, strategy, and big ideas…

We have a solution…

So you don’t have to waste time and energy on resources on an area of their business you hate.

Before that though…

Why is getting the techie stuff and tracking so important?

Marketing Has CHANGED!

Gone are the days of $0.01 clicks, and making millions from simple, one-path funnels from your mom’s basement wearing just your underwear…

(Well, not impossible, but very unlikely)

The marketing game has stepped up a gear…

From the recent tracking shenanigans with Apple

To the latest privacy updates from Google…

Knowing who, what and where your customers are hiding gets harder year on year.

But the TRUE winners…

KNOW that accurately tracking their leads’ behavior is the most powerful weapon in the marketing toolbox they use to stay ahead and dominate their markets.

Getting your tracking and analytics on point is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity…

In short…

The age of Data-Driven Marketing has arrived.

And the whole industry knows it too…

According to Zoominfo:

“78% of organisations say data-driven marketing increases lead conversion and customer acquisition.”

And another study from forbes LeadsHook, reveals that:

“For 66% of marketing leaders, data leads to an increase in customer acquisition”

But none of this is possible until your LeadsHook Techie Stuff is set up and running properly.

Then with your LeadsHook Decision Tree…

  • You can sidestep the latest IOS and browser updates which no longer allow 3rd party cookies, and instead, collect valuable 1st party data in LeadsHook only you can see.
  • You can match behavior to demographics or location and discover your perfect prospect through Reverse Market Research and double down on who is ACTUALLY converting.
  • You can even start seeing where your prospect is in the buying continuum based on their behavior…So, you can change their path INSIDE your decision tree and funnel… on the fly… in real-time!

(So, yes, this is worthy of one of the biggest marketing clichés ever…)

This IS just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to LeadsHooks Tracking powers.

tip of the iceberg when it comes to LeadsHooks Tracking powers

So, if you’re a LeadsHook user and NOT sending tracking signals to Google and FB’s AI machines…

Then you could be leaving a lot of money on the table even if you have a profitable campaign.

Or worse, you could actually be sitting on a profitable campaign once FB and Google receive the avalanche of tracking signals they crave to help optimize your campaigns.

Don’t be a LeadsHook user frozen in marketing purgatory…

Who can see, smell and almost touch the ‘GO LIVE’ button before unleashing their campaign!

Hoping one day they’ll fix their tracking…

But more times than not, the day never comes…

This is why we’ve expanded OUR LeadsHook project team to make YOUR techie issues a thing of the past…

Just tell us what you need, and in a few days, it’s ‘done-done’.

LeadsHook ‘Fix It Up’
Tech Overhaul

Not all of us can be Harry Potter when it comes to the ‘techie’ side of marketing.

Techie Harry Potter

But for us humble ‘Muggles’…

If you’d rather not spend hours working out the tech aspects of your campaign, use the time for something else…

We’re just rolled out our LeadsHook ‘Fix It Up’ Tech Overhaul

In just 7 days, instead of months, you’ll have a Decision Tree with all the technical ‘bells and whistles’ …

  • ✅ Analytics and Tracking…DONE
  • ✅ Leads captured and transferred to your clients, CRM, or email marketing system…DONE
  • ✅ Decision Tree will be set up and Embedded on your site…DONE

So you can start collecting valuable data to scale your campaigns fast…

Discover who your real customers are, segment them accurately, increase their LTV, and as a result, your bottom line…

And stop wasting Ad spend on customers who aren’t converting at all.

Let’s look over the ‘Fix It Up’ Tech Overhaul process.

Phase 1: Information Gathering

Firstly, I will email you an invite for your project…

You’ll provide us with some basic log-in information so we can complete our initial audit.

You’ll provide a short video on your current technical issues and what you would like to fix.

Our SOS Tracking Audit will tell us what we need to get the best out of your Decision Tree.

Phase 2: SOS Tracking Audit (Worth $199)

Here we conduct a full audit of your chosen funnel:

  • Audit of Funnel and Tracking Setup – Audit of Funnel and Tracking Setup – Ensure you’re tracking everything down to node level. Ensure you’re tracking everything down to node level.
  • Identify Missed “Audience” Opportunities – You can easily leverage lookalike audiences. (This alone could be worth Thousands of Dollars in future revenue)
  • Ensure you’re passing and saving the correct variables for customer lifetime value analysis – You’ll learn for the first time where you’re wasting your Ad spend.
  • Identify Mistakes & Broken Links – Stop reporting confusing and harmful data points and screwing up your funnel.

Phase 3: ‘Fixed-Up’ Decision Tree In 7 Days (Or Less)

This is where the magic happens…

In just a few days our Tech Gods will overhaul your Analytics and Tracking and make sure you’re monitoring your leads every move and collecting that valuable 1st Party Data.

Every leads captured and will be properly transferred to your (or clients) CRM or email marketing system so you can create personalized campaigns and increase their LTV.

And finish by embedding your Data Sucking Decision Tree on your site.

Phase 4: Delivery & In-Depth Explainer Video Of Our Completed Work

You now have your Overhauled Decision Tree ready to go…

With a full run-through of all work completed by the LeadsHook Project Team.

You can refer to this video as a guide to complete any future Decision Tree’s.

Or use it as a training tool to pass the knowledge to your team or any outsourced contractors you hire.

Who IS this for?

  • Anyone who struggles with the technical side of funnels, and would rather have a colonoscopy than work it out.
  • Anyone who knows the key to have the edge over their competitors is being Data-driven and not using ‘guesswork’
  • Anyone who isn’t 100% sure all their tech is fixed up and doing what it should
  • Anyone who wants to use the full capability of their Decision Tree to get higher quality converting leads
  • Anyone who wants to OWN their data instead of overpaying for expensive 3rd parties data
  • Anyone who wants to protect their online business against ever stricter data privacy laws that will lay waste anyone who’s not prepared with a fully fixed-up Decision Tree

But probably the most important…

  • Anyone who would rather spend their time on parts of their business they enjoy…Or even spend extra time with their loved ones.

Who is it NOT for?

  • Anyone who is a wizard when it comes to tracking and the tech side of marketing
  • Anyone who’s not interested in finding new profitable market segments that your competitors don’t know about
  • Anyone who believes they know EVERYTHING about their market, so tracking is a complete waste of time
  • Anyone who doesn’t want their business to scale and is happy with their bottom line

Now you know what category you fall into…

What is the cost of your ‘Fix It Up’ Tech Overhaul?

Your One-Time Investment

What’s the cost of you NOT having your Decision Tree’s technical and tracking fixed up once and for all?

You tell me…

What’s it worth?

  • 💵 – Having complete confidence you’ve got all your essential tech 100% ‘fixed up’ by fully qualified, experienced, LeadsHook professionals…
  • 💵 💵 – Segmenting your current clients properly so you have higher quality, converting leads…
  • 💵 💵 💵 – Using tracking to find new profitable market segments in your niche, with no little or no competition…
  • 💵 💵 💵 💵 – Future-proofing your online business and income from future 3rd party data privacy laws, so you thrive when the axe drops in 2023…(Google is shutting down 3rd party cookies)

PRICELESS (Thank you Mastercard) 😉

The ‘Fix It Up’ Tech Overhaul is just $750

This investment includes:

  • Our SOS Tracking Audit (Valued at $199)
  • Your Overhauled ‘Fixed-Up’ Decision Tree in 7 Days
  • Video walk-through of the Bonus Strategy: “Tiny Scripts Manipulation Method” that our $300k a Day Media Buyer client wanted to keep to himself.

Basically, you’re getting a Decision Tree with advanced data capture capabilities for this small one-time investment.

Oh, did I mention it was Risk-Free?

100% Risk-Free Guarantee


For any reason we encounter problems find that we can’t complete the service, we’ll be happy to refund your payment in full.

No questions asked.

You Have a Decision To Make…

You can absorb all everything I’ve talked about, click off this page, and put ‘Tech & Tracking’ on your ‘Things to do list’

Try and forget about it…Only to be reminded daily by…

Experiencing any of these issues…

Custom fields not showing up, integrations seem to be miles apart, Data or leads not transferring, pixels not firing or firing multiple times…

…Or any other technical mumbo jumbo makes you want to punch a hole in your laptop.

Stress LeadsHook

Or you can…

Keep relying on skewed 3rd party skewed data for targeting instead of collecting TRUE 1st party data you own.

Waste thousands more dollars on expensive Ads on market segments that aren’t, and will never convert.

And carry on wondering how you can increase the conversions for you or your client’s business.

(Even though the answer is right in front of you…)

Or there is another option…

Take your tech by the short and curlies…

Invest wisely in our ‘Fix It Up’ Tech Overhaul.

Have an advanced, ‘teched up’ Decision Tree delivered in 7 days or less.

Use the power of LeadsHook to perform TRUE market segmentation.

Start to see the quality and conversion of your leads increase.

Discover who is really buying your products or offers and double down on them.

And stop throwing money at groups of customers that don’t covert. (And never will)

Sit back, grab yourself a drink, and watch your competition drown in the next few months.

That’s it.

How To Get Started

To see if you qualify click the button below.

We’ll start Phase 1: Information Gathering and we are both happy to proceed then you’ll receive your invoice, make payment and we’ll get started.

One last thing…

Even if you don’t choose to invest now in ‘Fix It Up’ Tech Overhaul.

Promise us something…

Pleeeeease, Get Your Tech & Tracking Sorted.

By us, yourself, or someone you can trust.

Point is…

Being Data Driven really is the key to blowing your competition out of the water. 💥 

When you have hard data on your side, this marketing game gets a whole lot easier.

And it’s something you shouldn’t put off any longer.

LeadsHook Project Team


At LeadsHook, our mindset is quality over quantity.

This is why we only trust our qualified and certified team to conduct our ‘Fix It Up’ Tech Overhauls.

But because there are only so many hours in the day, we only accept a limited number of clients.

Once those spots are gone…That’s it.


Q) Is getting my tech and tracking really that much of a priority…?

A) Short answer…YES!

You’re already ahead of the crowd as you’re using LeadsHook.

But if your tech and tracking aren’t in place, you’re only scratching the surface of what LeadsHook can do.

You’re willingly leaving money and high-quality leads on the table for your competitors.

Q) Find new profitable market segments no one knows about…?

Sounds too good to be true…

…What’s the catch?

A) No catch, I promise. Once your tech and tracking is firing on all cylinders, you’ll have all the 1st Party Data you’ll need to conduct Reverse Market Research.

With hard data, you’ll be able to find a new profitable market your competitors don’t even know exist.

If you want to see a 5-minute video about Reverse Market Research before you make your decision Click Here Now.

Q) Are my competitors tracking as they should?

A)Did you know in the years LeadsHook has been about, we haven’t spent a penny on acquiring new customers?

Instead, we’ve concentrated on making it even more ‘awesome’.

But the point I ask is that it’s still very unknown, so the chance your competition is ahead of the game is HIGHLY unlikely.

But we are at the stage where we have the bandwidth to start reaching out.

So, really if you want to use the full tracking power of LeadsHook, the time is now.

Q) Is there a Guarantee?

A) This is a zero-risk 100% guaranteed offer.100-guarantee

For any reason we can’t complete our service, we will give you a full refund in the blink of an eye and even let you know why we couldn’t proceed.

Q) Who will complete the work?

A) Only qualified members of the LeadsHook team.

Combined, they’ve worked on thousands of Decision Trees and so they’re the only people we trust.