Done-With-You Service

What is this?

Done-with-you service is a co-creation service.

Think of this as working with a colleague or partner to create a decision tree together.

You’ll create the basic outline and based on our discussions you’ll create a decision tree. We’ll guide and mentor to throughout the entire process.

Please note:

  1. This is NOT a done for you service but a done-with-you. This is a coaching or mentoring service.
  2. The intellectual property is yours and there are NO royalties to pay.

Most of this training is done using live video using Zoom.

How Does This Add Value

Done-With-You service is almost always used one-time, usually the first time. This eliminates the need to go through the extensive training we have and the transfer of marketing and decision-tree building capability is FAST.

You’ll be an expert in LeadsHook in no time.

Who Should Consider This?

If you’re looking for a personalised and rapid onboarding experience. This is the fastest way to go live. The best part is you will almost always never use this service again because of your capability.


Done-With-You is a one-time investment of $1999. All of your video sessions are recorded and given to you so you can refer to them or use them to train your team or any outsourced contractors you hire. This is a great way to teach yourself and then pass the knowledge to someone else in your team.

We have users who buy this service for their teams as well and we’re more than happy to accommodate such an arrangement.

Your Next Step…

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P.S.  We do not take more than one client per vertical or market.  If we are already serving one of your competitors, then we can not accept you as a client.