Done For You Decision Trees

If you’re looking for return-on-investment focused marketing campaign using custom-built personalized or individualized marketing, then you’ll want to read this entire message…

 Our main focus is developing the individualization technology that helps clients gets thousands (or even tens of thousands) of leads per day.

However, there is nothing… absolutely nothing…. quite like the fulfillment that marketers get from rolling up their sleeves and executing real marketing campaigns…

And, we would like to offer this service to you.

Consider this…

LeadsHook provides marketers with a canvas… and… because of its decision tree and conditional logic capability that is baked into its very core, LeadsHook empowers marketers to finally ‘paint’ their strategies and vision to life.

This is not a metaphor!

LeadsHook main feature is a canvas where you ‘paint’ your decision trees… and how the data will automatically create individualized lead magnets that are almost impossible to resist.

Here’s What You Should Expect

You get a researched and executed marketing campaign. In most cases, it is lead generation and lead nurturing for sales conversions but we have also done post-sale lifetime value enhancement campaigns. Naturally, our preference is to work on campaigns and challenges where LeadsHook provides amazing leverage to get quick (and big) wins.

Here’s What We Don’t Do

We are not a traffic or media agency. We do not manage day-to-day campaigns such as Google Adwords and Facebook ads. We can provide recommendations of agencies that we know, like and trust if required.

We are also happy to work with an internal team or an external marketing team.

Limited Availability

There is one major problem! Because our focus is the technology and training that we provide our existing SaaS clients, we can have a limited capacity.

This allows us to be picky – we like difficult projects because it allows us to capture an amazing amount of value previously invisible rapidly.

Where Are the Testimonails?

We have a zero-testimonial policy for bespoke marketing campaigns for obvious reasons.  Which business in their right mind would ever reveal their secret-sauce?

We also don’t think it’s fair to ask clients to reveal themselves – they practically get zero benefit except more competition!

Our Ridiculous Guarantee

We offer a unheard of 100% money-back guarantee. But it does come with a small condition.

You have to execute the campaign! With execution, we get rapid feedback and this allows us to make adjustments before scaling.

If our marketing does not produce results, then we will promptly refund every single cent.

Here’s Your Next Step…

If what you’ve read appeals to you, then please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours for a no-obligation confidential discussion…

P.S.  We do not take more than one client per vertical or market.  If we are already serving one of your competitors, then we can not accept you as a client.