Done For You Decision Trees


What is a Done-For-You Service?

Done-For-You Service: This is where we do everything and give you a fully designed and completed decision tree including tracking and design.

Here are some ‘trimmed’ examples of decision-trees we completed recently.  Please note, these have been altered to remove some of the marketing effectiveness.

LeadsHook Examples

It’s Time to Get a Custom-Created Decision Tree

A decision tree that includes includes…

  • Market Research
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Copy on Start Page and Results Page
  • Personalisation
  • Custom Calculators and Charts
  • Integrated with LeadsHook GTM Container (we’ll add a specially coded custom HTML tags to ensure Google Analytics tracks your embedded decision-trees)
  • Integration to your Email Service Provider or CRM using one of our direct integrations, Zapier or any other embeddable 3rd party tracking system such as

How much time and frustration you’re saving by having the team behind LeadsHook create your decision tree for you?

Remember, you’re “buying” our ability to exploit the experience we have accumulated from creating hundreds of marketing campaigns using decision trees in many different verticals.  This is the primary secret weapon you’re buying.

Here’s What You Should Expect

You get a researched and executed marketing campaign. In most cases, it is lead generation and lead nurturing for sales conversions but we have also done post-sale lifetime value enhancement campaigns. Naturally, our preference is to work on campaigns and challenges where LeadsHook provides amazing leverage to get quick (and big) wins.

Limited Availability

There is one major problem! Because our focus is the technology and training that we provide our existing SaaS clients, we can have a limited capacity.

This allows us to be picky – we like difficult projects because it allows us to capture an amazing amount of value previously invisible rapidly.

Don't Take Our Word For It....

It’s fair to say that LeadsHook has exceeded our expectations in every way. 

Nik & his team enabled us to create a powerful mental toughness profile online. They went above and beyond with support to ensure we had the best experience. 

The Mental Toughness Scorecard allows us offer real value to people and simultaneously generate quality leads. It provides a genuine win-win, which in my opinion, is the best way to do business.

Thank you”.

-Simon Hartley,

Here’s What We Don’t Do

We are not a traffic or media agency. We do not manage day-to-day campaigns such as Google Adwords and Facebook ads. We can provide recommendations of agencies that we know, like and trust if required.

We are also happy to work with an internal team or an external marketing team.

What's Not Included...

Please note:  Any tasks you do not what done.  

We will go through a discovery session to learn about your needs. 


The Process

Here are the steps…


Schedule a zoom call

Deliverable: A preliminary plan of action, so you get the highest ROI in the least amount of time.  Ideas we’ll be looking to explore in Step 2, below.


The focus is almost always on secondary research.  Sometimes we may conduct primary research, but that is much more difficult to execute correctly at this low budget so it will be exploratory (if performed).

Deliverable: What your decision tree will be about.   The dynamically generated content to be created for your results page.  Suggestions for headlines of your start page


A prototype is a complete but undesigned decision tree for feedback especially if you’re in the health and financial markets.

Please note: We’re looking for legal and factual clearance.  This is not a ‘we don’t like this question’ type of feedback.  There will be room for design tweaks in step 4.

Deliverable: A prototype with Start Page, Questions, Forms, Dynamically Generated Results Page including PDF (if appropriate).


Our design team will evaluate your current branding, looks and feel and make something consistent with that unless you tell us otherwise.

Deliverable:  Completed and designed decision tree


We’ll integrate with to a CRM or email marketing system of your choice.   Currently, we have direct integrations with Aweber, Active Campaign, InfusionSoft, Drip, MailChimp and GetResponse.

We also integrate with Zapier and can even setup with 3rd parties that accept leads via webhooks.  This means almost always we can integrate with your system.  We’ll go through this during our discovery call to ensure we can integrate with your CRM or ESP.

Deliverable: Completed integration including mapping of custom fields and tags creation.


We’ve got clients who embed their decision trees inside WordPress, ClickFunnels, Instapage and Unbounce.  Almost always we can integrate with any 3rd party system that accepts embed codes.

Deliverable: Your completed decision tree embedded inside your website or landing page.


We’ll setup a special Google Tag Manager Container, so you track your decision tree using Google Analytics and Facebook.  We’ll also add javascript events through your decision tree to can do remarketing/retargeting using Facebook and Google Ads.

Because LeadsHook decision tree is delivered via embedded code, the tracking is not as simple as a vanilla Google Analytics setup.  Rest assured, the technical wizardry is our problem.  We’ll deliver a tracking solution including javascript events for world-class tracking.


a) As part of the handover, we will give make a video on how we created this decision tree, how you can make edits to it.

Use this video for your internal training.  Yes, you can even clone this decision tree and make edits for split-testing.

b) Traffic Plan

– We’ll include ideas and suggestion for traffic including Appeals and Headlines for your Ads

– Suggestions on Traffic Sources

– Post Leads-Capture Monetisation


As soon as you drive a bit of traffic please contact us to discuss the progress and what tweaks you should test.

Our Ridiculous Guarantee

We offer a unheard of 100% money-back guarantee. If we don’t deliver your decision tree or campaign then we will gladly refund you.


What’s the catch?


Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes.  Drive at least 5000 impressions, and if this decision tree does not generate leads to your satisfaction, then you can have your money back.  You have 60 days from when we deliver the decision tree in your account to accumulate 5000 impressions.

To the best of my knowledge, I have never seen anyone give a money-back guarantee for a service based work.

How fast can you deliver a decision tree?

We’ll typically deliver a prototype within 2-4 working days.  Then, another 2-4 working days for custom designs and tracking. 



Many marketing agencies are charging between $7500 to over $25000+ depending on complexity and design requirements.

At LeadsHook, we believe we can deliver a more superior outcome due to LeadsHook’s ability to create personalized sales letters and lead magnets at much more competitive price.

Our prices start at $1000.

Please ask… so we can qualify your project is a good fit for this service

Here’s Your Next Step…

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