$300K Per Day Media Buyer…“You NEED to stop sharing this with the masses!”

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Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

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“You NEED to stop sharing this with the masses!”

I heard FB messenger ding!

Normally, I don’t pay attention… but this time, it was John.

It read…

“Dude, you got 5! Urgent!!!”

Even before replying, I glanced over at slack…

The #alarms channel was clear…

Doubting our alarms, I frantically typed in the URL to one of our test decision trees…

DT loads… phew…

Now, I’m intrigued…

“John, all good?”

I see a Facebook call coming through…

I accept the call, and even before I can say “hello”…

John says…

“You NEED to stop sharing your post with the masses!”

Huh! I was taken aback when I heard those words.

He continued…

“It’s my secret weapon to win against large media buying teams employed by large financial institutions. And they don’t like my small 5-man team based in Saratoga, California kicking their butts!

In fact, their heads are spinning!

They can’t believe their payments to us are 3 to 4 times what they’re spending with the brand-name agency, but our per lead cost is 30% cheaper… and… converts a bit less than double!

I can’t believe you blurted out our secret in your FB group!”

I jokingly asked…“Is that why you’re not giving me a testimonial?”

Smirk… turned into a giggle…

He said… “There is no freaking way I am ever telling anyone about LeadsHook!

Who’d blame him!

Remember, his client is happily throwing money at him. (3 to 4 times more than the brand name agency)


Well, along with his ‘secret’ below:

John personalizes, nurtures, and segments his leads, as well as takes advantage of features such as ‘real-time’ phone verification

Because John knows:

The Quality of Leads has a huge impact on your bottom line.

(Far more than the # of leads delivered.)

Have a closer inspection below and you’ll see what I mean.

(Note: For this comparison, Johns figures have been adjusted for easy Math. However, his Cost Per Lead & Conversion percentages % have NOT…These are real results)

So, as you can see John has doubled the conversion %…(Blue)

Reduced his Cost Of Conversion by X 2.9…(Yellow)

Which means…

He’s almost tripled his client’s Gross Profit from $15k to $43k! (Pink)

All because his Quality of Lead is so much higher.

One More Step?

As business owners, we all know the most important Profit is NET. (Green)

So, what about those overheads (We’ve all got them)

Once they’ve been deducted it tells a different story.

Because quality leads can also mean the difference between a profitable business, and one just breaking even.

So, it begs the question…

What would increasing the quality of your leads do for your bottom line?

So, what’s the secret that left this $300K per day media buyer rattled?

Amazingly, I didn’t even share a secret….

I only shared a bullet about the secret…

Hardly anyone knew what this bullet was about, but John knew…

What is Johns secret?

Well, in case you’re wondering, it’s related to tracking…

Yep, I hear you

You’d Rather Suffer Nails on a Blackboard Than Deal With Tracking?

Believe me, you’re not alone…

Tracking is the thorn in the side for a huge number of the most battle-hardened marketers.

And because their tracking wasn’t set up properly…

They have the financial scars to prove it.

Here’s the thing…

With every ‘surprise’ Google & Facebook update comes a whole host of head-scratching issues and squeaky bum moments.

Knowing who, what and where your customers are hiding gets harder year on year.

Gone are the days are $0.01 clicks, and making millions from simple, one-path funnels from your mom’s basement wearing just your underwear…

(Well, not impossible, but very unlikely)

You see, the marketing game has stepped up a gear…

And tracking your leads’ behavior is one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing toolbox to stay ahead of not only your current competition…

But even the BIG boys and girls in your industry will be shaking their heads in disbelief wondering “HOW ON EARTH” you’re cleaning up from right under their nose.

So, getting your tracking on point is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity… 

(Just ask John…;)

This is the Power of LeadsHook.

It’s designed with tracking in mind…

  • You can sidestep the latest IOS and browser updates which no longer allow 3rd party cookies, and instead, collect valuable 1st party data in LeadsHook only you can see.  
  • You can match behavior to demographics or location and discover your perfect prospect through Reverse Market Research and double down on who is ACTUALLY converting.
  • You can even start seeing where your prospect is in the buying continuum based on their behavior…So, you can change their path INSIDE your decision tree and funnel… on the fly… in real-time!

(So, yes this is worthy of one of the biggest marketing clichés ever…)

This IS just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to LeadsHooks Tracking powers.

The bottom line is this…

So, you’re a LeadsHook user and NOT sending tracking signals to Google and FB’s AI machines…

Then you could be leaving a lot of money on the table even if you have a profitable campaign.

Or worse, you could actually be sitting on a profitable campaign once FB and Google receive the avalanche of tracking signals they crave to help optimize your campaigns.

These are the LeadsHook users frozen in marketing purgatory…

They can see, smell and almost touch the ‘GO LIVE’ button that unleashes their campaign!

And, we also found users who either did not realize the value or perhaps just could not find help, so they ‘exist’…

Hoping one day they’ll fix their tracking…

And even though this step-by-step information is just a click away in the LeadsHook Knowledge Base.

More times than not, the day never comes…

This is why, after resisting for too long, we’ve had to bite the bullet and offer a Tracking Audit ourselves.

We’ve expanded and trained our team at LeadsHook to make your techie issues a thing of the past… tell us what you need, and in a few days, it’s ‘done-done’.

Here’s what our SOS Tracking Audit consists of:

Step 1: Fill in the form below and tell us the outcome you’re looking for.

Step 2: We’ll work out what you need and get back to you with a price.

Step 3: Accept the deal

Step 4: Put up your feet (actually get more clients! )

Step 5: Your Techie issues done-done! If we don’t deliver, you get every penny back, it’ll cost you nothing.

Article By

Nik Thakorlal

As the CEO of LeadsHook and a seasoned BBQ enthusiast, I have spent 20 years navigating both the online and offline marketing worlds.

My journey began in the high-stakes realm of investment banking.

Now, I am committed to assisting online businesses in attracting higher-quality leads at a lower cost, leveraging the power of first-party data and personalization.

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