Please watch this video for instructions on how to setup and use the phone number verification node…

UPDATE: Please see further details below the video for enhancements to Phone Verification Node

UPDATE: More options were added to this node

Now, you can add:

a) An option so your leads can re-enter another number. We added this in case someone enters a fake number and then realizes they can’t proceed any further in your decision tree. This option will add another exit connector which you can connect to back to the phone number node.

You can also add this exit node for other options like “I’d rather not give you my number”. And then offer an option to give feedback. Or simply connect to the next node.

b) You can add an option to RESEND the code. There is a 60-second delay before this button shows up. This is to prevent someone needlessly clicking resend button.


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    1. Nik T Article Author

      Hi Matthew,

      DataSoap does not have this feature. This is different to the phone verification. This feature sends a secret code to any number entered or phone call to landline. Then the person has to enter the number back into LeadsHook.


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