Activate: click this button to make your decision tree live. You can deactivate the decision tree by clicking this button again.

Edit: enter the decision tree canvas to edit the decision tree.

Direct link: visit this link for testing purpose, you should not direct your leads to the direct link.

Clone: to duplicate the decision tree.

View: read-only mode, to view the decision tree without the ability to edit.

Archive: to archive the decision tree.

Delete: to delete the decision tree

Download leads: download a .CSV file of your leads.

Lead exports list: to view the download queue.

Export decision tree: to export your decision tree and pass it between LeadsHook accounts.

Capture quiz canvas: to create an image of the decision tree outline.

New lead notification: to receive email notification when a new lead is received.

Configure decision tree: to control the decision tree budget based on the lead impressions or the number of leads. Also, to send notifications based on the lead impressions or the number of leads.

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