This guide provides a brief explanation of the various icons and their functionalities in the LeadsHook Decision Tree user interface.

Activate: click this button to make your decision tree live. You can deactivate the decision tree by clicking this button again.

Edit: enter the decision tree canvas to edit the decision tree.

Direct link: visit this link for testing purpose, you should not direct your leads to the direct link.

Clone: to duplicate the decision tree.

View: read-only mode, to view the decision tree without the ability to edit.

Archive: to archive the decision tree.

Delete: to delete the decision tree

Download leads: download a .CSV file of your leads.

Lead exports list: to view the download queue.

Export decision tree: to export your decision tree and pass it between LeadsHook accounts.

Please use the Email Notification Node.

Get instructions here:

Configure decision tree: to control the decision tree budget based on the lead impressions or the number of leads. Also, to send notifications based on the lead impressions or the number of leads.


Each icon in the LeadsHook Decision Tree interface serves a specific function, from editing and cloning decision trees to downloading leads and configuring decision tree settings. Familiarizing yourself with these icons will allow for effective and efficient management of your decision trees.