Watch this video to setup as many SMTP email servers as you want. And, then add as many Email Notification Nodes into your decision tree as you want.

Use a Decision Node to Create Paths… and then add Email Notification Nodes to distribute.

When Using Google or G-Suite

Please note: Google security will give issues since LeadsHook IP address will be different when accessing Gmail or G-Suite mail servers.

So please be sure to create a new App Password for LeadsHook.

App password feature is NOT visible until 2-step verification is also activated. Please turn on 2-Step Verification and then Create an Aoo Password. (More in the video above).


Finally You will need to authorize LeadsHook


How to Create a Subject Line with Custom Fields

If the leads you send has the same subject line, then some email clients will lump all of your emails in ONE thread.

You can use this which contains custom fields so the lead id will contain a new number for each lead.

[{_c_dt}] New Lead ({lead_id})

{_c_dt}: Decision Tree Title

{lead_id}: Lead ID

Deleting SMTP settings

Take note, that you will need to disable the node that is currently using the SMTP setting before you can delete the SMTP itself.

You can do this by deleting the node or simply removing the SMTP settings from the node that is using it and republish the Decision Tree again.


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    1. Nik T Article Author

      Hi Dan,

      You can use any SMTP including your work one.

      Please send an email to support and we’ll help you through the process.

      You need to turn on 2 factor authentication and then generate the app password and normally that’s all there is to it.


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