This guide illustrates how to control the charges associated with your decision tree in LeadsHook to ensure it operates within your defined budget. It focuses on the two levels of protection that LeadsHook provides: Account Level Control and Decision Tree Level Control.


  • An active LeadsHook account
  • An existing decision tree within LeadsHook


Every account has a HARD limit of 500,000 impressions per month. If you ever hit this limit the system will disable.

You’ll also receive the notifications of usage from as low as 1000 impressions all the way to 500,000 impressions.

We are also notified internally so we can get in touch and ensure the usage is expected – this also allows us to override the 500k hard limit.


Click the “…” icon, then click “Configure decision tree”, as follows:

For all of your activated decision, you can turn off your decision tree based on the unit of measure, the number of impressions or leads, as follows:

You can also create your own notifications to keep you informed of the impressions AND/OR leads.  You can add as many notifications as needed.

Click the “Notifications” tab, you can set to receive notifications when the unit of measure, impressions or leads have reached a the predefined amount.


Actively managing your decision tree budget in LeadsHook ensures you maintain control over your expenditure while maximizing the utility of your decision trees. With account and decision tree level controls, LeadsHook provides a versatile set of tools to effectively manage your costs.