This guide illustrates the three methods to capture data in LeadsHook – using the Questions and Answers node, the Form node, and the Text Editor.


  • An active LeadsHook account
  • A basic understanding of custom fields in LeadsHook

In this article, we will learn the 3 ways to capture data, i.e.

1. Questions and answers node

2. Form node

3. Text editor

Step by Step Instructions

1.Questions and answers node

1a. Create a questions and answers node

1b. Click +Add Custom Field

1c. Choose the custom field

For reference, here is how to create a custom field.

2.Form node

2a. Create a form node

2b. Click Manage Fields (above) and tick the custom field

3.Text editor

3a. Create a form node

3b. Click the Text field button

3c. Input the custom field name


By leveraging the Questions and Answers node, Form node, and Text Editor, you can efficiently capture data from users in your LeadsHook decision trees. Ensure you choose the most appropriate method based on your specific requirements.


  • Can I use multiple methods in a single decision tree?
    • Yes, you can use all three methods in one decision tree. The choice depends on your particular data collection requirements.