LeadsHook allows you to create an unlimited number of custom fields. These can be displayed by adding curly brackets around your custom field name, like {my-custom-field}. LeadsHook provides three types of custom fields: System, Form, and Answer custom fields. This guide will walk you through the process of adding custom fields.

LeadsHook has 3 types of custom fields…

  1. System Custom Fields:  These are custom fields provided by LeadsHook and available for use.  A user can NOT amend, edit or add system custom fields.  An example of a system custom field is email.
  2. Form Custom Fields:  These are custom fields you can add to a form.  (Please note: you can add as many forms as you want in a decision tree.)
  3. Answer Custom Fields:  Answer custom fields are for answers to questions you ask in your decision tree.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1: Add a custom field by going to Admin > Custom fields as shown below…

2: You’ll see this…

3: Click on Form or Answer Custom Fields as shown below, then click “Add”

4. Enter your custom field name, such as “weight” and the type, such as “number”:


By following this guide, you can create and add custom fields to your decision tree in LeadsHook. Custom fields allow for more personalized engagements with your leads.


  • What’s the difference between Form and Answer Custom Fields?
    • They both work the same way, we only create custom field categories for you to easily sort out the fields instead of having them in one Custom Field caetegory.

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