If you have every tried to use Unbounce and LeadsHook together, you will surely have experienced the dynamic height problem where you decision tree is cut off.

This is because by default Unbounce uses absolute positioning in their builder.

So this guide will show you how to enable dynamic ( variable ) height with your Decision Trees embedded in Unbounce.

The code that you will need to copy ( and slightly modify ) is here:

#lp-pom-root { height: 100%; overflow: auto; } 
#lp-code-108 { height: auto; }


This fix will only work if the embed is the last element on the page. You cannot have any other element under your Decision Tree.

Unfortunately, there is nothing more we can do on our side. The Unbounce developers need to address this issue. So please contact their support team and submit a feature request for them to support variable height embedded content.



  1. jlkj

    Setting the height property to 100% on #lp-pom-root breaks Leads Hook’s auto scrolling feature where the DT is scrolled to the top after each question. Omitting the height property seems to work – tested in a few different browsers and devices.


    #lp-pom-root { overflow: auto; }
    #lp-code-108 { height: auto; }

    1. Nik T Article Author

      Hi Joe,

      UB is problematic despite our best efforts. Until UB cater or dynamic heights, these hacks are bound not to work so well.

      We have tried a lot of ways to control UB but unfortunately we are limited in what we can do to a 3rd parry page.


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