• You might be aware of tracking with Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics, or even using another third party solution.
  • However, we have recently developed our own implementation that gives deep insight into Decision Tree behavior, while maintaining maximum simplicity.

Step 1: Up the top right you will see the Analytics button. Go ahead and hit it.

Step 2: You will see some purple balloons appear under each node showing statistics for each node.

Step 3: If you hover over one of them you will see a tool-tip appear explaining what each metric means.

  • Visitors – Are unique users that have reached the node.
  • Percentage of visitors – Are unique users as a percentage
  • Impressions – Are page loads. Note that one unique user can have many page loads.

Step 4: If you open the drop down by clicking the arrow on the analytics button, like so:

You will see statistics for each published version. The reason for this is because if you add or delete nodes the statistics will be inaccurate/lost. For example if I had a node that asked for a phone number, and I deleted it then I will no longer be able to tell what the stats for that node were. Having versions ensures the statistics are accurate each time you publish.

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