In this article we’ll share steps for troubleshooting when your leads are not transferring to your email service provider (ESP) or CRM.

Step 1

Email Service Provider (ESP): Confirm you have not reached any limits as per your plan for the number of contacts/subscribers in your account, Leads will get rejected if your account is ‘full’.

Step 2

ESP: Check form has been attached to list and confirm double/single opt-in.

Step 3

LeadsHook: Check ESP connection. Can you view lists in field mapper?

Step 4

LeadsHook Select list: Check field mapping.  Ensure fields have been dragged/dropped into the field mapper.

Step 5

LeadsHook Decision Tree Canvas: Ensure correct ESP connection, list and form have been selected.

Please Note: Not every ESP has the same dropdown as shown below

Step 6

LeadsHook: Activate & Test

Step 7

LeadsHook: See ESP response

This is the API call LeadsHook gets back from your ESP to confirm lead was received.

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