This guide outlines steps to troubleshoot when your leads are not transferring as expected to your Email Service Provider (ESP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.


  • An active LeadsHook account
  • An Email Service Provider (ESP) or CRM system
  • Lead transfer set up between LeadsHook and your ESP/CRM

Step 1: Check ESP Limits

  • Email Service Provider (ESP): Confirm you have not reached any limits as per your plan for the number of contacts/subscribers in your account, Leads will get rejected if your account is ‘full’.

Step 2: Verify Form Attachment and Opt-in Settings

  • ESP: Check form has been attached to list and confirm double/single opt-in.

Step 3: Inspect ESP Connection in LeadsHook

  • LeadsHook: Check ESP connection. Can you view lists in field mapper?

Step 4: Examine Field Mapping

  • LeadsHook Select list: Check field mapping.  Ensure fields have been dragged/dropped into the field mapper.

Step 5: Inspect ESP Connection in Decision Tree Canvas

  • LeadsHook Decision Tree Canvas: Ensure correct ESP connection, list and form have been selected.

Please Note: Not every ESP has the same dropdown as shown below

Step 6: LeadsHook: Activate & Test

Step 7: Review ESP Response

LeadsHook: See ESP response

This is the API call LeadsHook gets back from your ESP to confirm lead was received.


Experiencing issues with transferring leads to your ESP can be inconvenient, but by following these steps, you can identify and resolve most common issues. If problems persist, consider reaching out to support for further assistance.