Please Note: Debug Mode is only available for V2 Decision Trees, so all the more reason to upgrade and convert your DTs to V2 now!


We are excited to unveil our latest enhancement: Debug Mode.

Testing complex decision trees can be tedious and daunting!

This enhancement is designed to show you what’s happening under the hood in real time, thereby speeding up your testing and making it easier to catch any issues.

🧩 How Does It Work?

A new icon is visible to all logged-in users. This debug icon is effectively a toggle button: click it once to view the under-the-hood info and click it again to hide the debug window.

Monitoring the inner workings of your decision trees has never been easier!

🔐 Who Can Access It?

This feature is only available to LeadsHook account holders. Your leads and website visitors will not see this icon. Make sure you are logged into your LeadsHook account in the same browser to access the Debug Mode.

Should you have any queries, please get in touch with our team at

This is a very useful tool to check what is saving in the backend on certain parts of your Decision Tree.

How to use the Debug Tool