In this article, we will learn how to concatenate custom fields.

For example, in your decision tree, the custom field first_name = David, and the custom field last_name = Wellington.

We can use a calculated custom field to link first_name and last_name, in order to display “David Wellington”.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Create a calculated custom field

2. Concatenate the custom fields by adding them in “Formula”

3. If you want to add text labels you need to do this: 

concat("First Name: ",{first_name},". Last Name: ",{last_name},". Mobile: ",{mobile})

The output will be:
“First Name: David. Last Name: Wellington. Mobile: 0851234567”


Concatenating custom fields in LeadsHook allows you to combine and display user data in a more cohesive and useful way, enhancing the personalization and relevance of your decision trees.


  • Can I concatenate more than two custom fields?
    • Yes, you can concatenate multiple custom fields according to your needs.