In this guide you’ll discover how to present the most relevant content, offers to your website visitors.

You’ll also learn how to ‘profile’ your leads and customers so you only present the offers they are most likely to buy or consume.

You’ll learn how best to help your customers and clients consume your products and services. This helps reduce refund requests and increases the usage or consumption of your products and services. This will give your an immediate lift to lifetime value per customer because of reduced refunds and increases likelihood of purchasing other offers

Lastly, the examples you’ll see are designed to stretch your capability – you can use them as-is or mix them up with other examples to create many other unique ways to boost your conversions…


This is an advanced topic and should be avoided until you have mastered the fundamentals.

If you are new to LeadsHook then at a minimum please go through this short training…

LeadsHook 101

Part 1: Decision Node Fundamentals

Video 1: Introduction to Decision Nodes

  • What are decision nodes?

Video 2: Where Can You Add Decision Nodes in a Decision Tree

Video 3: When to Use Decision Nodes

Video 4: What are Decision Node Conditions?

Video 5: Conditional Operators

Video 6: Understanding the Order of Evaluation of Paths

Video 7: Understanding the Order of Evaluation of Paths Part 2 – Evaluate All Paths Option

Video 8: Paths Actions

How to update custom fields, add and remove tags assign results/content

Video 9: Path Actions – Using the Sum+ Feature

Part 2: Using Decision Nodes in Your Campaigns

(Coming Soon)