Welcome a basic step-by-step course to learn the main features of LeadsHook.

Remember LeadsHook allows you to create advanced personalized marketing campaigns. This introductory course is does NOT contain any advanced material.

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Course Outline

Video 3: What is a Decision Tree?

Video 4: What is a LeadsHook Node?

Video 5: Navigating the LeadsHook User Interface

Video 6: The Start Page Node

Video 7: Question & Answer Nodes

Video 8: Form Node

Video 9: Create Personalized Content Using Results & Results-Pages

Video 10: ESP Nodes & Field Mapping

Video 11: Custom Fields

Video 12: Tags

Video 13: Decision Tree Options & Variations

Video 14: Deploying Your Decision Tree – Direct Link vs. Embedding

Video 15: Design Your Decision Tree

Video 16: Transferring Your Leads

17: Tracking & Troubleshooting Leads Transfer Problems

Video 18: Facebook Pixels, Events & Final Testing


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