There are 5 ways to distribute leads out of LeadsHook

You can use a combination of these methods as well.

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#1: Direct Integrations

We have direct integrations with

Active Campaign






#2 Webhooks

Please see LeadsHook Webhooks Feature

#3 Zapier

How to Add LeadsHook into your Zapier Account.

Step 1: Login into your zapier account. LeadsHook will NOT be available because it’s still a private app.

Step 2: Open the link below in a NEW tab.

Please click this private beta link to get access to LeadsHook inside Zapier (Watch video 2 for details):

Step 3: Now refresh your login page (from Step 1) and search for “LeadsHook”

Video 1: Introduction to Zapier

Video 2: How to Create a Zap

Video 3: How to Integrate With Apps That are NOT Listed in Zapier

Video 4: How to Setup WebHooks

15 Jan 2019 Update: LeadsHook now has a Webhooks Node.

Video 5: How to Update an Existing Zap

Video 6: How to Trace Your Leads from LeadsHook to Your ESP or CRM

Video 7: How to Transfer Your Leads from LeadsHook to Google Sheets using Zapier

#4 Downloads Your Leads

Please click “…” icon from the Decision Trees menu and click “Downloads” as shown below.

LeadsHook Download Leads

#5 Email Notification

Please see Email Notification Node

Please note: you’ll receive ALL of the details including their custom fields, tags, questions and answers so there is no need to login into LeadsHook

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