There are 5 ways to distribute leads out of LeadsHook

You can use a combination of these methods as well.

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#1: Direct Integrations

We have direct integrations with

Active Campaign






#2 Webhooks

Please see LeadsHook Webhooks Feature

#3 Zapier

Please click this private beta link to get access to LeadsHook inside Zapier (Watch video 2 for details):

Video 1: Introduction to Zapier

Video 2: How to Create a Zap

Video 3: How to Integrate With Apps That are NOT Listed in Zapier

Video 4: How to Setup WebHooks

15 Jan 2019 Update: LeadsHook now has a Webhooks Node.

Video 5: How to Update an Existing Zap

Video 6: How to Trace Your Leads from LeadsHook to Your ESP or CRM

#4 Downloads Your Leads

Please click “…” icon from the Decision Trees menu and click “Downloads” as shown below.

LeadsHook Download Leads

#5 Email Notification

Please click “…” icon from the Decision Trees menu and click “New lead notification” as shown below.

LeadsHook Get Notified When You Get Leads

Enter one email PER line to get notified of each lead as soon as they complete a decision tree.

Please note: you’ll receive ALL of the details including their custom fields, tags, questions and answers so there is no need to login into LeadsHook

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