This guide walks you through the seven methods available in LeadsHook for lead distribution. You can use a combination of these methods based on your specific needs.

1. Direct Integrations

We have direct integrations with the following ESPs

Active Campaign

UPDATE: 1 Jun 2022

Forms have been moved to in the Active Campaign user interface. The functionality is the same but the location of forms is different.






2. Webhooks

For detailed instructions on using Webhooks with LeadsHook, please refer to the LeadsHook Webhooks Feature

3. Zapier

To add LeadsHook to your Zapier account:

Step 1: Login into your zapier account. LeadsHook will NOT be available because it’s still a private app.

Step 2: Open the link below in a NEW tab.

Please click this private beta link to get access to LeadsHook inside Zapier (Watch video 2 for details):

Step 3: Now refresh your login page (from Step 1) and search for “LeadsHook”

Video 1: Introduction to Zapier

Video 2: How to Create a Zap

Video 3: How to Integrate With Apps That are NOT Listed in Zapier

Video 4: How to Setup WebHooks

15 Jan 2019 Update: LeadsHook now has a Webhooks Node.

Video 5: How to Update an Existing Zap

Video 6: How to Trace Your Leads from LeadsHook to Your ESP or CRM

Video 7: How to Transfer Your Leads from LeadsHook to Google Sheets using Zapier

Video 8: How to Transfer Leads to Zapier Using Webhooks (Alternate Method: Use this instead of LeadsHook integration)

Zapier PULLs leads out of LeadsHook so we don’t have much control on speed and performance of a ZAP. We make leads available as soon as data is CAPTURED. Unfortunately, if Zapier polls 5 mins later than no leads are transferred until then.

The LeadsHook API node provides you with the ability to FIRE webhooks in realtime (i.e. within 1 second of the data being captured). This means we push the data out as soon as it’s captured.

Zapier has its own app called “Webhooks by Zapier”. This means you can send your leads to Zapier in real time using webhooks.

Please watch the video on how to set this up inside LeadsHook and Zapier:

JSON Editor mentioned in the video:

4. Downloads Your Leads

You have 2 choices to download your leads…

  1. Download ALL Leads For a Decision Tree

Please click “…” icon from the Decision Trees menu and click “Downloads” as shown below.

LeadsHook Download Leads

2. Download leads after selecting your leads form LEADS user-interface

5. Email Notification

Please see Email Notification Node

Please note: you’ll receive ALL of the details including their custom fields, tags, questions and answers so there is no need to login into LeadsHook


Understanding the various methods of lead distribution in LeadsHook can enhance your workflow, optimize lead handling, and ultimately improve your marketing strategy.


  • Can I use more than one distribution method for the same leads?
    • Yes, you can use a combination of these methods based on your specific needs.