• Its possible to send a webhook or API call from LH into the Ontraport API.
  • They have quite a large set of functions.
  • In this example we will be creating a new contact with data about them.
  • The official documentation is located here: http://api.ontraport.com/doc/#create-a-contact
  1. Get your API key
  2. Get your App ID

These credentials can be requested in your Administration settings

To setup the webhook ( or api ) node in LeadsHook

3. Now add a webhook node ( or api node ) onto your canvas

We need to set it up like so:

Title: can be any description for your webhook/api node

Method: must be POST to create a new contact

Request URL: https://api.ontraport.com/1/Contacts


In this example we are using JSON format.

The left hand side of the Data ( the keys ) are listed on the Ontraport API spec.

You can see I have added “firstname”, “lastname”, and “email”. But you can add as many as you need. Just lookup the key names on the Ontraport API spec ( http://api.ontraport.com/doc/#create-a-contact )

On the right hand side of the JSON Data ( the values ) are the LeadsHook custom fields you captured in your Decision tree. {first_name}, {last_name}, and {email} in this example.

Both keys & values must be surrounded by double quotes.

And each pair has a colon between them.

Finally each line has a comma at the end. Except for the last line.

The Headers:

Api-Key on the left and its value on the right

Api-Appid on the left and its value on the right

Content-type on the left and application/json on the right

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