In this short course, you’ll learn how to build a marketing chatbot to be added to your own website.

Almost all of these videos are less than 5 minutes long.

Here are some suggestions if you have specific requirements..

  • Show me what to do using LeadsHook: Videos 12 and 13
  • Advanced strategies: Videos 14-1 to 18

Video 1: Introduction to Building Chatbots

Video 2: Goal & Prerequisites



Video 3: Course Outline

Video 4: What is a LeadsHook Chatbot

Video 5: What is a NOT LeadsHook Chatbot

Video 6: “Gun to the Head” Marketing


Video 7: The Biggest Mistake When Building Chatbots

Video 8: Creating a Bot for Conversions

Video 9: The ShapeShifter Chatbot

Video 10-1: Planning Your ChatBots

Video 10-2: Chatbot Examples

Video 11: How to Execute FAST

Video 12: Building Your Chatbot

Video 13: Changing The Look & Feel of Your Chatbot

Video 14-1: Advanced Strategy #1- Gene Grid

Video 14-2: Advanced Strategy #1- Gene Grid – Decision Nodes


Video 15: Advanced Strategy #2 – Lead Scores


Video 16: Advanced Strategy #3 – Advanced Lead Scoring

Video 17: Advanced Strategy #4 – Real Time Data Enrichment

Video 18: Advanced Strategy #5 – ‘Audiencing’ Strategies

Links: • •

Video 19: Next Steps


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