In this article you’ll learn about to use the Facebook events you’ve been passing from LeadsHook to create Custom Audiences (and LookaLike Audiences)

Learn About Custom Conversions Here:

Learn how to install Facebook Pixel inside LeadsHook

Or Use Google Tag Manager for Your Tracking and Analytics Needs Inside LeadsHook

1: Select Audiences
2: Click Create Audience
3: Click: Website
4: Select the pixel your are firing in your decision tree from the dropdown.
5: Select the event you want to create the audience with. In most cases it will be the ViewContent event but it will be whatever you have added on the node.
6: Select URL Parameter (these are the custom fields you are passing to FB from LeadsHook
7: Select the parameter
8: Select the correct operator e.g. contains etc
9: Add the values you are passing in your event (such as gender, age, answers)
10: Add more parameters if required

Fill in the rest of the details and Press ‘Create Audience’

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