5 Vitamin Quiz Examples for Your Supplement Store in 2024

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Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

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Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

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Years 2021 – 2028 present a golden business opportunity for supplement stores.

  • Post-pandemic, 60% of people are more interested in nourishing their body with vitamins & supplements.
  • 84% of the largest vitamin consumers (aged 60+) shop for vitamins online.
  • 72% of people desire more personalization in the healthcare industry.

This makes it clear; the market is hot, brimming with business opportunities. And a personalized quiz campaign is the quickest way to your target customer’s heart.

For that reason, here we’ve compiled an A-Z guide on how to build your very own high-performing vitamin quiz. We’ll begin with reviewing the TOP five vitamin quiz examples of 2023. And towards the end, we’ll share that one ultimate solution you need to put the plan into action.

Let’s go🚀

Top 5 Vitamin Quizzes for eCommerce

At LeadsHook, we regularly help our clients deploy powerful quizzes as a part of their marketing campaigns. The key winning feature of any quiz is the level of personalization it offers. The deeper it is, the higher the conversion rate would be.

It’s so effective that it won our client Michael E. Gerber an outstanding opt-in rate of 48% – which means 2155 quality leads from a single campaign!

You see if you manage to make the user feel connected with you, they’ll answer as many questions as you want them to (this is crucial for a vitamin quiz since you have to get their biodata). The feeling of ‘connectedness’ also increases the chance of them actually buying the recommended supplements!

Now, the ‘level of personalization’ and ‘connectedness’ is exactly how we assessed and ranked these vitamin quizzes. Let’s evaluate these top performers in deeper detail…

1. Boots – What Vitamin Should I Be Taking?

Boots is a British retail pharmacy chain and beauty brand, founded back in 1849. Over 170 years of operation, it’s grown to be one of the largest pharmacy chains in the UK.

The company offers a diverse range of health and beauty products, including cosmetics, skincare, medications, and toiletries. But it’s best known for its No7 skincare line and professional healthcare advice — which automatically, makes their What Vitamins Should I Take Quiz 10x more reliable than competitors’.

To access their vitamin quiz, you’ll have to log in to vitamins.boots.com. This dedicated vitamin quiz page will welcome you with vibrant colors:

You can also access the quiz by logging on to the main website (i.e., boots.com). Follow this path: Shop by department > Health & Pharmacy > Vitamins & Supplements > Vitamin Selector. It’ll direct you to the same dedicated quiz page.

Once you click on the ‘Take the Quiz’ button, there’ll be a greeting and then Boot’s will ask if you agree to the privacy policy. Since this is a very detailed quiz and they ask for all your biological details — we truly appreciate this. It makes the user feel safe and valued.

Moving forth, the quiz asks for your name, email, gender, and age range before diving into questions related to your current health status. We appreciate the company again notifying the web visitor that they’ll now collect some personal data:

The quiz has 45+ steps. Out of these, 35 – 40 are questions about your current health status and health-related goals. You only have to click on the relevant option to answer.

They’ve also organized the quiz in sections. Say you opt for ‘sleep’ and ‘stress’ when the quiz asks for areas you need help with. The quiz will ask which health problem is more of an issue and then it will ask you questions in the same order. This enables the backend mechanism to shortlist priority supplements for you at the moment.

The result page looks like this:

You just have to click one button to create the entire cart. This makes purchasing easier. Plus, if you hover over a certain product, Boots explains why they recommended it to you.


  • Transparency
  • 100% accurate results
  • Easy to attempt, swift flow
  • Smoothly collects email & necessary lead info
  • Precise and clear questions
  • Distraction-free design
  • Detailed results


  • Too lengthy!

2. Rootine – What Vitamins Should I Take Quiz

Next to Boots, it’s Rootine that offers the best quiz to see what vitamins you need. The quiz is slightly lengthy — but that only indicates they collect all the necessary info to recommend the supplement you really need.

Basically, Rootine is a personalized nutrition company that offers customized daily vitamin packs based on individualized data. The company utilizes DNA testing and lifestyle information to create unique nutrient formulations tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs

Given this, the vitamin quiz is a vital component of their marketing strategy. They require all potential customers to take the quiz in order to truly benefit from their product. This explains why we see plentiful references to the quiz on their home page:

There’s also a reference in the footer:

The colors and accessibility of the quiz are both commendable. Once you click on the button, you’ll be directed to a 32 to 33 questions long quiz.

Here’s what the first question is about:

The subsequent questions for all health goals are the same. But if you opt for ‘Other’ in this question, the end result might not be satisfactory. They do not give a breakdown of what’s included in the personalized multivitamin.

Moving forth, it will collect some personal details like your name, gender, health knowledge, etc. At one or two steps, it will also display a disclaimer regarding the confidentiality of the collected data.

There are three things we particularly like about its design (highlighted in the image above)

  1. The progress bar. It serves as a psychological motivator and enhances user experience.
  2. The small arrow on the bottom left of the screen. It makes it easier for the user to go back and correct any answers instead of re-attempting the quiz from scratch.
  3. The explanatory lines at every step that collects information. These win user trust. Plus, these specific two lines in the 20th question indicate the brand’s willingness to support you on your health and fitness journey year after year.

In the end, Rootine gives you super detailed results!


The brand offers you a custom multivitamin solution that comprises all the vitamins and minerals that your body currently needs to overcome the challenges it is facing (with specific quantities). The detailed breakdown is quite convincing and user-friendly.


  • Neat, distraction-free design
  • Smoothly collects lead info
  • Easy to access
  • Clear and direct questions
  • Transparency


  • Accuracy & result explanation
  • Not all-inclusive


3. Everlywell – What Vitamins Should I Take?

Found in 2015, Everlywell is a health testing company based in Austin. The company aims to make health-testing affordable and accessible for everyone. And to achieve this, they have introduced medical kits that people can buy online.

Using these kits, you can take samples at home. You can then send these samples to Everlywell Labs via prepaid mail. They’ll assess and send back the results to you in 5 days or so.

Given the mission and vision of Everlywell, their multivitamin quiz is trusted by a lot of people. Here’s what the quiz screen looks like:

Although the overall copy and design of this quiz’s welcome page could have been improved, we like how they mentioned the time required to complete the quiz. It’s less than a minute, so most people won’t hesitate in giving it a try.

As you attempt, it’ll ask you five pretty generic questions. Based on that, the quiz will recommend you a suitable risk-free supplement.

Notice that the result page has four distinct sections — and these collectively motivate the buyer to click on that ‘Shop Now’ button.

  1. Recommends one product: Eliminates the burden of ‘choice’ from the user’s shoulder. The recommendation is also in larger, bold font. If the user is in a hurry, they read imp stuff only.
  • Precise Explanation: Skeptical people who attempt the quiz might immediately ask ‘why’ when you recommend a supplement. The second section smoothly and precisely answers these people, convincing them further.
  • Safety Notice: Everlywell shows they care about you by disclosing the quiz’s limitations and recommending a safer route of action. But note that, people are shopping online to avoid that in-person visit to the doc – which means they’ll either opt for Everlywell’s online consultation (or some other) OR just proceed with the buy.
  • Direct to Checkout: When you click on that Shop Now button, it leads directly to checkout instead of Everlywell’s store. Saves time and leaves no room for second-guessing.

In the end, they also offer options to share the quiz results to your socials. It’s a good way to increase reach.

Overall, it’s a time-conscious quick meant to capture quick buyers. But it could’ve been better in terms of personalization and accuracy.


  • Transparency
  • Quick and easy
  • Precise questions
  • Well-planned user journey


  • Average design
  • Could be more personalized

4. Walgreens – Vitamin & Supplement Selector Tool

Walgreens is one of the largest pharmacy retailers in the United States, operating since 1901. Over time, the company has grown into a significant player in the retail industry and offers everything from prescription medications & over-the-counter drugs to health and beauty products.

Their vitamin regimen quiz is available here. And this is how it starts:

The welcome page is clean and neat. It also alerts the web visitor about the limitations of their vitamin quiz.

As you begin attempting, it asks for your gender, age range, and if you would like:

  • One product recommendation OR
  • Bundle of products


Based on your answer, the length of the quiz and set of subsequent questions change.

Say you opt for ‘Direct me to a specific product’ — it will only ask you what vitamin you are looking for and direct you to a risk-free, suitable supplement. But if you opt for ‘right mix of products’ or ‘not sure’ in this window:

It will ask you 6-7 questions and then recommend 2-4 suitable vitamins and supplements.

Upon completion, it recommends products in this way:

Now, observe the results page carefully. And note the mistakes we’re going to highlight, so you don’t repeat the same.

  1. The page lacks user-friendliness.
  2. It prioritizes sales over customer benefit.

How so? Well, there are two dominating ‘Add to Cart’ buttons, which are kinda pushy. And there’s no clear explanation of the product’s benefits to the user. Both reduce the chances of purchase.

You need to keep in mind that your target audience may not be educated about the benefits of the named vitamins. So, you need to explain how the recommended product/vitamin will benefit their body in the simplest terms. Support your recommendation by explaining how their life will improve.


  • Neat design
  • Shows progress bar
  • Smart flow of quiz
  • Transparency


  • Results could be more detailed

5. Centrum – Multivitamin Supplement Quiz

Centrum is a popular brand of multivitamin and mineral supplements. It is widely recognized for offering a range of formulations tailored to different age groups and specific health needs. These supplements aim to fill nutrient gaps in one’s diet and ensure a healthy lifestyle.

The brand’s quiz is for anyone wondering how to know what vitamins to take. It will ask you 7 basic questions and recommend a supplement you can start your journey with.

However, the quiz is not intelligent enough to recommend vitamins for super-specific needs or health goals.

It begins with ample disclaimer:

Moving for the question window looks something like this:

Although the brand has attempted to align the quiz’s design with its brand colors, the choice of colors for option boxes seems to be a bit off. The high contrast in colors disturbs the user’s focus.

Similarly, the image on the right is not very relevant to the posed question — which again, disturbs the user’s focus.

But apart from that, the quiz flow is smooth. It’s easy to attempt and capable of suggesting the right products to the users.

Here’s what the result page looks like:

It’s direct and neat. Someone who already trusts Centrum is likely to try the product. However, if someone is trying the brand for the first time, this page is not convincing enough. They could have added more detail about the recommended product and explained the product’s benefit to the user.

In terms of design, the size of the button and color could have been improved too. But we really appreciate the accuracy of the recommendations. It suggests 1-2 highly relevant products as per the user’s input.


  • Includes visuals
  • Shows progress
  • Smooth flow
  • Transparency


  • Poor choice of colors
  • Results could be more detailed

How to Build the Best Vitamins Quiz?

To build the best vitamins quiz, you first need to determine what type of vitamin quiz you wish to build. Generally, there are three types:

  • Vitamin Finder: A vitamin finder or vitamin checker is a quiz that inquires about the user’s health goals. It identifies the vitamins required to achieve those goals and then recommends relevant products.
  • Vitamin Deficiency Quiz: Also known as What Vitamins Am I Lacking Quiz, this quiz helps the user find out the vitamins they’re currently deficient in — and then recommends relevant products to overcome that deficiency.

Most quizzes are a combination of the two. If you sell a specific kind of product, you can opt for one and strategize your vitamin quiz accordingly.

Once you have settled for a type, ensure it incorporates the following elements:

1. Accuracy

The core purpose of a vitamin quiz is to match the user with the right vitamin & supplement products. And to do this, you need to:

  • Collect ample user information (including gender, height, weight, current health status, eating habits, and lifestyle)
  • Have a science-backed and rigorously-tested calculating mechanism that can link the user to the right product based on their input.

You will need the assistance of a UX and health expert to execute this effectively.

If you fail to recommend the right products, you will risk your reputation as well as your audience’s health.

2. Transparency

For anyone to buy the products you recommend, they should first be able to trust you. There are three ways to achieve this:

  • Be absolutely transparent about the data you collect, how you deal with it, and the limitations or risks associated with your quiz.
  • Share testimonials of previous clients, ratings, industry reviews, and other kinds of social proof.
  • Share details about your team (particularly the leadership) and where they can connect with you.
  • If you collect their email, name, and other details as a part of your lead generation strategy, let them know!

Apart from that, make sure the quiz software you use is compliant with applicable data-collection laws. More on that below!

3. Clean Design & Copy

When someone is typing ‘best vitamin for me’ in the search bar, there are looking for a direct answer. They are less interested in being entertained or thrilled and more interested in finding a reliable solution as quickly as possible.

This gives us a clear lead for quiz design & copy:

  • Use brand colors that do not distract the user.
  • Avoid using emojis or visuals that are irrelevant to the quiz.
  • Avoid making the quiz page too wordy.
  • Use simple, everyday language. Don’t make your web visitor Google scientific terms.
  • Add a progress bar to motivate people to complete the quiz. It reduces drop-offs.
  • Add a prominent one-click Add to Cart or Shop Now button on the result page. You can also add limited-time discounts on this page to incentivize people.

To engage the users, we recommend paying close attention to user’s journey throughout the quiz. Instead of asking questions in random order, give them a logical and sequential order.

For example, every quiz above begins with basic biological data and gradually inquires about lifestyle and eating habits. It builds momentum.

If you have a diverse set of questions, consider arranging them in sections (like Boots).

4. Fast Load Speed

Lastly, ensure that your quiz doesn’t take ages to load! Ideally, each page should load in less than a second.

If your system needs time to calculate results or load a certain page, you can adopt Rootine’s approach. Share a relevant and interesting fact or testimonial to keep the user engaged (instead of waiting).

What to look for in a Quiz Builder?

About half of your quiz’s success is attributed to the quiz builder you use. Here’s what you should look for:

  • Data Security: Since you’ll be collecting personal info, look for a product quiz builder that adheres to data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. It should offer robust data storage and encryption to safeguard sensitive information.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Opt for professional-grade software that you can get the hang of with little guidance or so. The best quiz software offers an easy paint-like mechanism, using which you can build complete quizzes with simple drag-and-drop.
  • Customizability: It should allow customizing the quiz templates to align with your brand identity. You should be able to edit templates for custom colors, fonts, logos, and images OR build from scratch.
  • Conditional Logic: This feature allows changing the next questions based on the user’s response. So, if you’re aiming to build a super personalized vitamin quiz, this feature is non-negotiable.
  • Responsiveness: The quiz builder should optimize the quiz for all devices (i.e., desktop, mobile, tablets, etc.), offering a smooth user experience across all devices.

Apart from this, make sure the quiz software offers detailed analytics about your quiz’s performance. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a third-party app to identify areas of improvement.

We also recommend reading the software’s reviews before purchasing it. Browse the results they’ve produced so far or their client’s success rate. It’s also a good idea to get in touch with the team and ensure they’re ready to offer support every step of the way.

Ultimate Vitamin Quiz Builder: LeadsHook🔥

LeadsHook is the only tool you need to build the next BEST vitamin quiz because it offers all the features mentioned above and more.

✅ You can paint your quiz

✅ You can customize it for your brand.

✅ You can track quiz results in real-time and tweak areas that are causing friction or drop-offs.

✅ You can swiftly collect lead data (without worrying about violating any privacy laws — we got you covered!).

✅ You can set up an automated system for identifying quality leads and following up.

✅ You can count on Nik (LeadsHook founder) for dedicated support, in case of complex queries.

And the one killer feature that’ll put you wayyyy ahead of the competition?

Micro-level segmentation.

It allows you to personalize your vitamin quiz on a cellular level — you can even beat Rootine’s results! 😉

How so?

Let the quiz run for a couple of days. Gather data about your traffic.

Study the data. Learn what kind of people you’re attracting. If it’s the wrong kind, we improve the quiz and go back to step 1. If it’s the right kind, we study the audience in deeper detail and segment it. We create a unique set of questions for each segment.

Say you’re an 18-year-old seeking multivitamins for energy support. As soon as you clarify your health goals, the quiz will be chatting with you like a friend:

🔍 How often do you experience fatigue during the day?

🔍 What activities do you wish to have more energy for?

… extracting tons of useful data with ease.

Similarly, if you’re a 40-year-old seeking multivitamins for bone health, the quiz will pose questions like these:

🔍 How frequently do you engage in bone-strengthening exercises?

 🔍 Do you have a family history of bone-related issues?

You can create categories within categories to further personalize. We have a sorted and easy-to-navigate interface, so micro-level segmentation will be a breeze for you.

But the experience it delivers to your audience will serve as a magnet.

We bet they’ll come back for more. Every single time they need a supplement to support their body.

Ready to see people bringing more people to your supplement store? Sign up for the 14-day risk-free trial right now — watch the sales skyrocket right before your eyes!!

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