Is this a cure for invisible marketing messages?


Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

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For Lead Generation & Marketing Tactics very few people, know about…

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“You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.”
– Albert Einstein

“There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.”
– Victor Hugo

“Microsoft is always two years away from failure.”
– Bill Gates

Death of Traditional Marketing
Death of Traditional Marketing!

The problem with marketing is that there is just so much of it!

How can our marketing get noticed?  An effective answer has been to increase the volume… more content, a bigger budget.  That’s a bit like yelling at our leads and customers, isn’t it?

The short answer: Be Relevant and Enticing.


The team behind LeadsHook has created or helped create numerous campaigns.

For example, for the launch of Michael Gerber’s book, Beyond the E-Myth, we created a decision tree which dynamically creates a chart called “E-Myth Entrepreneurial IQ”.

In 2-week period, this decision tree got 2155 leads at a conversion rate of 48%!  These combined with leads from other sources created an Amazon best-seller in a few short hours…

Conversion Rate: 48% of a 15-step decision tree!

This is the landing page of the decision tree…

E-Myth IQ Landing Page
Credit: David Jenyns
E-Myth IQ Landing Page
Credit: David Jenyns of

Here’s a sample of a personalised chart LeadsHook created for each and every lead.  We even plotted the average results of everyone who had gone through the decision trees as well so each lead could compare themselves against everybody…

Dynamically generated chart plots each lead's score as well as displaying average score
Dynamically generated chart plots each lead’s score as well as displaying average score

Here’s the surprising part…

This decision-tree has 15-steps!

Some internet marketing “experts” will say you’re committing a marketing crime.

15 steps and a 48% opt-in!

Drag & Drop Nodes to Create your Lead Generation Decision Tree
Decision tree used for the Beyond the E-Myth book launch...
Drag & Drop Nodes
Decision tree used for the Beyond the E-Myth book launch…
(Please note: This decision-tree was created in Oct/Nov 2016. Today, this decision tree would be much simpler because of decision nodes which allows us to add conditional logic to create complex paths).

In fact, we’ve even seen results like this…

479268 leads at a conversion rate of almost 60%!
Credit: LeadsHook user who scored really on the Lead Gen IQ Test
Try the Lead Gen IQ Test here:

Yup, that’s 479268 leads at a conversion rate of almost 60%.  This decision tree has 18 steps!

The #1 marketing problem faced by businesses is a tone-deaf market.  As a result, most businesses are unseen even if they are relevant and can generate a lot of value with their products and services.

We’ll explore simple strategies to rip-through the invisible veil created by over-marketing.  Along the way, you’ll discover a new way to reverse dwindling conversion rates!

We’ll start right at the top of the marketing funnel, where “strangers”, people with whom we have no relationship, come across our marketing message.

At this stranger-stage, you want to catch these ‘strangers’ attention and buy time to make an impression.

Do this well, and you may enjoy lead gen opt-in rates of greater than 50%… and when you use an enhanced variation called, “Double-Decoy Daisy Chain”, you can easily boost your opt-in rates to above 60%!

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and marketers, your instinct is to execute fast, but I’ll ask you to wait.

Here’s why:

Jumping-in straight away and implementing is similar to applying ducktape.  Yes, it can work… but soon the ducktape rips off… and we’re back to where we started!

Let’s get off this duck tape ‘fixathon’ and finally eliminate a hidden obstacle.

What is this obstacle?

It’s the ever-increasing pace of change… specifically the blistering pace of technological change.

The impact on businesses and marketing is enormous.  It is leaving a lot of companies exposed and entrepreneurs frozen in their tracks!  You’ll see evidence soon.

Here a few notable examples:

Facebook’s reduction of organic reach of businesses.

Relentless fragmentation of media — Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit and LinkedIn.  We can easily double this list.

The complexity of paid media — yes, it’s nice to create as many combinations of audiences as we can conjure up to target our potential customers… but each platform itself is growing ever so complicated.  Heck, it’s a full-time job to be an expert on platforms like Facebook… or even part of an ecosystem like Google Shopping or Google Display Network!

In fact, results of a study of graduates of CEMS, one of the top 30 international business schools in the world demonstrated this complexity…

“The rapid rate of technological and digital advance was the biggest challenge for global business leaders according to the survey, which questioned recent graduates from the CEMS Masters in International Management program.”



This ever increasing complexity in marketing have been given its own name… called MarTec’s Law.

MarTec’s Law was created by Scott Brinker

In State of Marketing Technology 2017 report, it revealed “72% reported the marketing landscape is changing rapidly or at light speed“.

Perhaps, you’re someone at the coalface of this change so you don’t need a report to tell you what is as true as the sun…

The technological pace of change is the biggest threat to our businesses.

In other words, our real competition is our inability to handle the ever-increasing pace of change.

Are you keeping up with the changes?

How much time are you wasting keeping up with changes?

The data shows, you’re probably falling behind, or heaven forbid are so overwhelmed you give up and have become a ship in deep ocean without a rudder… and are floating from one shiny object to the next…

Well, salvation is not going to come from buying more products from the next product launch promoted by an army of gurus!

Further, this new blistering pace of change (and overwhelm) is creating new formats and means of engaging with potential leads and customers.

And, this means the days of static pages and presenting the same message to everyone are well and truly coming to an end…

We are literally becoming obsolete for our prospects and leads even to notice us!

Are you embracing and leveraging this pace of change, or are you getting crushed and becoming irrelevant?

The most common approach is to turn the knob to increase the volume of marketing!

This is equivalent to yelling at leads and customers…

5% of content pieces garner 90% of all content engagement

“Further analysis reveals that engagements are concentrated among a few pieces of content. Just 5% of that branded content garners 90% of total consumer engagements. The other 95% shares the remaining 10% of engagements. In other words, 19 out of 20 content pieces get little to no engagement.”
Credit & Source: Marketing Truth or Marketing Hype Report by Beckon

As you can see from the above graphic, most of our marketing is simply ignored.

So, what’s the answer?

Create Engaging & Exciting Customer Experiences…

The holy grail of marketing is one-to-one communication.  It’s like sitting across the table from your website visitors and leads… and having a conversation in real time with the right message at the right time to the right person.

You can create intimate conversational experiences using an automated system that collects data about your leads and then automatically creates your marketing messages such as dynamically generated sales letters, lead magnets, results pages and calculators.  This is a small sample of what’s possible (more on this below).

This a much more elegant and “non-salesy” way to remove or at least dramatically reduce the friction between what your leads and customers want and the messages they receive…

No More Yelling!

One of the best ways is to deliver these individualised experiences is using decision trees.

A decision tree allows your customer to pursue their self-interest in your marketing funnel… in fact, the less you get in the way the more persuasive your marketing messages.

And, it’s easy to create decision trees to deliver bespoke customer experiences.

Thankfully, this is what LeadsHook, the world’s first decision tree making platform for marketing is designed to do.

We’ll go through what a decision tree is and why you might want to consider using them in tomorrow’s email.

Today, please click the button below to see a few simple “trimmed” examples of decision trees.  For obvious reasons, we can’t reveal active campaigns.

If you’re ready to create your own interactive customer experiences at zero-cost and risk to you then click here…

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