5 Skin Type Quiz Examples That Convert in 2024

skin type quiz examples

Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

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Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

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For Lead Generation & Marketing Tactics very few people, know about…

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Half your website visitors are clueless about their skin’s needs. They lack awareness of their skin type, which leaves them lost in the world of skincare shopping.

Your role, as a vendor or blog owner, is to be their guiding light. Take their hand, lead them to discover their skin type, showcase tailored solutions, and direct their shopping spree.

How can you do that?

  • Step 2: Once identified, guide them to skin care products or routines that align with their specific goals.

This is a proven strategy to earn high-value lifetime customers.

But creating a skin type quiz is no simple feat. It involves extensive research for quiz content, meticulous design considerations, and the quest for the ultimate quiz maker to bring it all together flawlessly.

This post aims to make your journey easier. Below, we present the top 5 BEST skin type quizzes available online right now. Take a look at these gems for design inspiration and grasp the perfect flow to captivate your audience.

Toward the end, we’ll also share how you can build a killer skin type quiz of your own.

Let’s go!

5 Best Skin Type Quiz Examples

Any high-converting lead capture quiz needs to have three elements; accuracy, relevancy, and visual appeal.

The following quizzes scored brilliantly in all three aspects. We’ve also highlighted their strongest points and what could have been improved.

1. Little Company – Living Skin Quiz

Little Company is a family-run skincare brand based in Australia. The company goes beyond ordinary skincare and offers its exclusive Ritual and Remedy facials that not only nurture the skin but also nourish the spirit. Moreover, they offer skin therapy, skin consultations, and a range of tried-and-tested skincare products.

To help women begin their skin rejuvenation journey on the right foot, they offer a skin type quiz. You can locate this on the top navigation bar as soon as you land on their website.

Once you click on it (as highlighted in the image below), you’ll be directed to the quiz page.

Notice how Little Company has synced their brand colors and fonts with their purpose. The subtle palette reflects their devotion to skincare and the accenting font speaks for their confident command on the subject. Overall, it gives off a warm, calm, and organic vibe.

The quiz itself has about 9 simple and direct questions. The first question is about the age.

Moving forth, we have illustrative and clear questions that acquire direct input from the user.

At the end of the quiz, Little Company asks for your email and name — and they send your quiz results directly to your inbox. This helps the company collect email from a promising lead and also spark the recipient’s interest in further interaction (by suggesting relevant skin care products, routine, and lifestyle tips from their skincare therapist).


  • Smooth and short
  • Simple and clear questions
  • Maintains a mood
  • Detailed results with explanations and suggestions

What could have been improved? 

  • More visuals could be added

2. Uncover the Glow – Find Out Your Skin Type

Uncover the Glow is Claudia’s passion project, who is a skincare enthusiast based in Michigan. She shares reviews on different skincare and haircare products as well as some tips on pregnancy, lifestyle, travel, and fashion. Her core motive is to help women find beauty solutions that do not damage the body or mind in the long run.

The quiz is the first thing on her welcome roadmap. We know because she mentions it clearly in her About section and the website’s top navigation bar also depicts it:

Once you click on Skin Type Quiz, you will be directed to a page featuring What Type of Skin Do I Have Quiz.

The best part of this quiz page is that it clearly defines the input required from users and the output they can expect. It significantly enhances the user experience.

The introductory section outlines the input;

  • Total time required to attempt the quiz (5 mins)
  • Number of questions (9 questions)

And the output;

  • Skin type detection
  • Explanation and tips for your skin type
  • Product recommendations

At the end of the quiz, you receive 100% accurate results, along with the promised extras right there on your screen. You can share these results on socials, click on recommended products to buy them, or explore the details of your skin.


  • Optimal length
  • Short and simple
  • Shareable results
  • Recommended products listed with pricing
  • Detailed results with explanation and recommendations

What could have been improved? 

  • Scrolling inconvenience
  • Option overcrowding


3. Ask the Scientists – Skin Type Quiz

Ask the Scientists is a health education platform run by USANA – which is a leading manufacturer of high-quality nutritional supplements. USANA’s team comprises highly qualified nutritional scientists who are deeply committed to excellence. They invest countless hours of research in each product and educational resource that they put out.

Hence, it’s safe to say that everything on this blog is drawn from a wealth of expertise and backed by credible evidence. Their skin type quiz is no exception.

As soon as you log onto askthescientists.com, you’ll see a homepage featuring a search bar like this:

Enter ‘skin type quiz’ as your search query and click on the first result. You’ll be directed to a dedicated blog post on identifying your skin type.

They’ve embedded the tidy 7-question quiz at the bottom of the page and explained the basics of skin types in the text above.

Although the design of this quiz is a bit too minimalistic and it does not quite capture the lead, it made it to our list owing to its 100% accuracy and reliability. If you’re someone seeking skin type guidance from a medical perspective, this skin type quiz is a trustworthy launching pad. It’ll help you start in the right direction.


  • High credibility
  • Minimalist design
  • Quick load speed
  • Precise and clear copy

What could have been improved? 

  • Usability of results
  • Design

4. Healthline – What’s your skin type quiz?

Next, we have Healthline’s skin type quiz. It’s the most vibrant quiz we have on this list and that’s perhaps its spotlight element.

Healthline is a health information website that provides evidence-based health and wellness content. It offers articles, guides, and medical reviews on a wide range of health topics, including conditions, treatments, nutrition, fitness, and mental health.

Now, the skin type quiz developed by this website is in collaboration with Neutrogena, which is a leading skincare brand. Have a look at how this quiz operates for yourself, here:

The introductory part of the page urges the web visitor to take the quiz. It emphasizes the need for it.

Moving forth, this 7-question short quiz uses simple, easy-to-understand, and relatable language in each of its questions. There’s also a supporting visual beside each question to keep the user intrigued and engaged. The visuals also communicate that the quiz is designed for all skin types (regardless of age and gender).

When you answer a question, the quiz automatically scrolls down to the next section — which is why we did not quite understand the need for the Next Question button. That’s some redundancy in design. And we also notice that there’s no conditional logic used in the quiz. The options are limited and the same for all.

When the results display, you might think it’s a Do I Have Oily or Dry Skin Quiz because the supporting visual is always a depiction of where you stand in between the oily skin and dry skin road. Check out these two:

Result 1

Result 2

Further below, Healthline also shares tips and suitable skincare products for your specific skin type. You can share the results on your socials.


  • One-page design
  • Vibrant visuals
  • Short length
  • Detailed results with explanation and recommendations

What could have been improved? 

  • Range of options (limited, might not be applicable for all).
  • No need for the ‘next question’ button

5. Renee Rouleau – Skin Type Test

Renee Rouleau is a skincare expert and aesthetician. She holds 30+ years of experience in the industry and is endorsed for her skills by celebrities like Demi Lovato.

When you log onto her website, this is the screen you’ll see:

Click on the Find Your Skin Type button on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you click on it, you’ll be directed to a dedicated distraction-free quiz page.

Overall, there are eight questions in the quiz and it would take you 5-7 minutes to complete it. The quiz copy is detailed and offers ample options for each question.

However, the language used is a bit complex. You might feel the need to read the questions twice or thrice to fully comprehend each.

There’s a previous button right beside the ‘next’ button. This is an appreciable aspect since it adds to user convenience. Say you chose the wrong answer. You don’t have to redo the entire quiz. Just go back to the previous question and correct your mistake.

Other than that, the entire quiz is seamless. We also liked the colors used by Renee for this quiz. It syncs well with her brand and keeps the rosy-skin vibe alive.

The results look like this:

Note that Renne Rouleau has defined skin types in her own terms. So, you’ll have to browse the entire results page to grasp what your skin type is and how you can effectively deal with it.

This is both a strength and a weakness of the quiz. It’s a strength because serious shoppers (who she’s already won with social proof) are likely to stay and read the entire page. They’re likely to follow her recommendations.

However, those who are only exploring skincare solutions might drift away upon coming across this unusual categorization of skin types.

So, if you’re taking inspiration from this quiz, be mindful of your target audience.


  • Distraction-free quiz page
  • Efficient Navigation
  • Maintains a mood
  • Detailed results with explanation and recommendations

What could have been improved? 

  • Quiz copy
  • Visuals can be added

How to Build the Best Skincare Type Quiz?

If you want to build the best skin type quiz to sell your skincare product or services, you must incorporate the following elements in your skin type test:

1. Personalize Quiz Questions

So far, the ‘personalization’ we have witnessed in the quizzes above is centered around inclusivity.

Each skincare type quiz mentioned above gives all possible options to the audience in every question. In this way, nobody is left out.

So, that’s personalization to some extent.

But that’s just the surface. We, at LeadsHook, dive deeper. When we say ‘personalization’, we mean you take input from the current user who is attempting the quiz and alter all the upcoming questions in the quiz as per their first input (or however that fits into your sequence – we’ve got sorted drag-and-drop decision trees for that).

Now, of course, this does not mean you have to design a unique quiz for every user. What you can do is segment your audience into broad categories and outline a different flow of quizzes for each.

For example, in the case of a skin type quiz, your categories could look like this:

  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin, etc.

If you want to deliver an extraordinary experience and skyrocket your retention rate, you can further branch your quiz outline and deliver even more specific quiz results for each audience.

For example, let’s say question one of your skin type quiz is about age. And the next question is about sun exposure.

  • Someone who’s under 18 and exposed to the sun for 3+ hours could be directed to questions regarding sun protection habits and preserving their youthful radiance.
  • Someone who’s over 40 and exposed to the sun for 3+ hours could be directed to questions concerning skin hydration and aging.

Here’s an example of our sorted decision trees & different results from the same quiz:

If you find it overwhelming at the moment, you can even start with small personalization touches, such as addressing your audience by their first name throughout the quiz. Take a cue from Little Company — they do it exceptionally well and leave a lasting impact!

2. Keep the Copy Simple (and fun!)

The second key component of a skin type quiz is the copy. Matters of skin can be extremely scientific. But you need to simplify these matters, so that someone from a maths background or let’s say arts background, could easily get the gist of your question — they should also be able to understand how serious the matter is.

For example, let’s say you’re asking about sun exposure. Instead of using complex jargon or technical terms like sebum production or dermal elasticity, you can ask:

  • How much do you love soaking up the sun? 🌞 OR 
  • Are you a sun-worshiper or a shade-seeker?

This approach ensures that both science-minded and creative individuals can easily grasp the question’s essence.

Also, avoid ‘leading’questions. Keep the questions neutral and unbiased, so users are not guided toward a particular result. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to provide accurate results based on the user’s answers.

3. Opt for an Intuitive and Attractive Design

Incorporate eye-catching graphics where possible and ensure a clean layout as well as intuitive navigation. It’s the key to engaging participants effectively. Use colors and fonts that align with your brand for a seamless and on-brand experience.

4. Ensure Fast Load Times & Responsiveness

Swift load times are paramount to retaining quiz participants. Optimize images and minimize unnecessary elements to boost loading speed. Additionally, ensure your quiz is mobile-friendly and anyone who wants to find their skin type can access your quiz on any device and at any time.

5. Result Interpretation

Lastly, it’s essential to include a detailed result interpretation in a skin type test. Your audience is trying to figure out their skin type because they’re probably dealing with a skin problem or want to shop for the right products.

So, help them with that! Make sure you include the following in your skin type quiz results:

  • Name of the skin type
  • A detailed explanation of that type (especially if you’re using proprietary skin type names)
  • Relevant skincare tips
  • Product recommendations

You can send these results to their inbox if you wish to collect their email. Or you can display it on the same page and include a CTA to book your services/purchase your products.

Alright. You know how to structure a skin type quiz now. But how do you actually do it? How do you put it all into action?

Well…you look for a ….. robust quiz builder!

What to look for in a quiz builder?

For marketers, quizzes have become an integral part of their lead-generation strategy. It’s because they generate 400x more engagement and a 41.2% greater opt-in rate as compared to pop-ups or any other marketing tool.

This explains why several quiz builders have surfaced recently. But only a handful of them truly have what it takes to build a robust, high-performing quiz.

How can you recognize these exceptional quiz builders? Look for the following features:

Features  Overview
Easy-to-use Interface User-friendly drag-and-drop features as well as responsive customer support for easy learning and query assistance.
Dynamic Experiences Offers conditional logic for interactive quizzes, so it can adapt the quiz journey based on user responses.
Customizability Allows you to customize quiz templates to align them with your brand identity (fonts, colors, etc.) The quiz builder should also allow you to build your own quiz from scratch.
Insights with Analytics Gives valuable insights into user interactions and optimizes conversion strategies with integrated analytics.
Responsiveness Ensures a smooth user experience on desktop, mobile, and other devices.
Seamless Integrations Connects with your current eCommerce and CRM systems and enables data sharing and analysis
Data Privacy Assurance Complies with regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Safeguards sensitive information through robust encryption. Particularly important for skin type quizzes where you ask for a selfie or other biodata.
Scalability Future-proofs your business. Capable of serving increased demand.

Build a High-Performance Skin Type Quiz with LeadsHook

We’ve said it earlier, we’ll say it again; LeadsHook is the ONLY quiz builder out there offering micro-level segmentation and incredible lengths of personalization at scale.

Delighted to confirm, our quiz builder also offers all the features given above (and tbh, a lot more).

With LeadsHook, you can…

🔥 Experience an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, where you can paint your marketing quiz just like in Canva.

🔥 Enjoy 24/7 customer support and access an exclusive community that’s dedicated to catering to your queries.

🔥 Generate dynamic quiz results that make every quiz participant feel special and valued.

🔥 Benefit from built-in analytics, ensuring measurable growth and invaluable insights.

🔥 Harness the power to identify quality leads and automate their next steps, so you never miss out on a potential customer who has just completed your skin type quiz.

And we repeat, a lot more!!!!

We invite you to witness the phenomenal potential of LeadsHook and what it could do for your business…

Believe us only when you see the results for yourself. 😉

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