Attract Clients, Melt Away Sales Resistance & Boost Your Conversions With Personalized Offers


Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

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You check the time…📱

…”45 minutes wasted!”

You’ve been lost in the Amazon forest of noise reduction headphones 🎧 for nearly an hour.

Aimless clicking product, after product, after product to see what life-changing feature or gushing review will tip you over the edge and make and FINALLY make a purchase…

But with a choice overload of 10,000 products…

The chances are slim.

In the end, you decide to admit defeat and close your laptop.

And instead of the pleasurable dopamine hit you expect from your new purchase…

You’re served with a big fat scoop of disappointment and leave overwhelmed and disappointed instead.

But here’s the thing…

‘Overwhelm’ in the new norm…

“Nearly 74% of users get frustrated with websites that don’t deliver personalized content.”

Source: Personalize Your Marketing With Dynamic Content 7 Easy Ways to Multiply Your Conversions
by SharpSpring

And it’s not just with Ecom sites.

Whatever your niche is…

If you can give personalized recommendations where your offer is aligned to the problems, frustrations, pains, and desired outcomes for your website visitors…

The chances of conversion just went up.

How to Create Personalized Offers


Create a virtual salesperson to learn and discover your website visitors’ needs, wants, and desires…

… then recommend a product.

(And we’re not talking about useless chatbots here either)

Check out the video below to see how easily you can execute personalized offers…

In this video, you’ll also learn:

🔘 How to design a personalized marketing campaign for your products.

🔘 How to automatically uncover which customer is in one of over 24000 market segments.

🔘How to create 4096 personalized landing pages automatically… and still only recommend one product.

(But you can suggest more products or different products, including bundles of products).

🔘 Discover the profiling power of a ‘checkbox’ question.

(IMPORTANT: In this video, we’ve used Ecom as an example. However, this solution is for ANY business that offers a choice of products and offers…Like yours)

Now, at first glance, this virtual assistant Decision Tree may seem complicated.

And if you don’t have the skills, team, or time to execute, it might take a little time.

But when you put in the effort and lean on arguably the most helpful customer support team in the business.

(That’s us).

You’ll make this a reality and instantly put yourself ahead of 95% of your market in personalization.

To discover more about a fully optimized Decision Tree for your own business.

And start collecting higher-quality leads and increasing your conversion by clicking below.

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