Report Intellectual Property Infringement

LeadsHook is committed to protecting your intellectual property rights. Our terms of service does not allow using LeadsHook that violates someone else’s intellectual property rights. If you believe there has been an infringement of your intellectual property rights, you can fill out the form below.

Before you submit your report, please ensure your intellectual property is a permissible use of your intellectual property. You may want to seek legal advice, if you’re not sure whether the issue you’re reporting infringes intellectual property rights.

Please note: Submitting a report of intellectual property infringement is a serious matter with potential legal consequences. Intentionally submitting misleading or otherwise fraudulent reports of copyright or trademark infringement may lead to LeadsHook taking action, including termination of your use of the LeadsHook platform.

You warrant that you have a good faith belief that this complaint is accurate, true, and involves infringement of copyright. You acknowledge that groundless threats of legal proceedings in relation to copyright infringement may be prohibited under applicable law (for example, under Australia’s Copyright Act 1968, or equivalent laws wherever you are located).

You may resolve an intellectual property infringement issue by contacting the person or entity directly as well. This is often the best way to resolve this issue. Only the intellectual property owner or their authorized representative may file a report of intellectual property infringement.

We may disclose the rights owner’s name, your email and the details of your report to the person or organization who you believe is infringing intellectual property rights. If you are an authorized representative submitting a report, we will provide the name of the person or organization that owns the intellectual property right. Please provide correct details below and be sure to whitelist our messages do not end up in spam or junk folder.