Tracking Certification

LeadsHook Tracking Certification

The LeadsHook Tracking Certification recognizes individuals/businesses who have shown that they can effectively implement LeadsHook’s tracking features.

Designed specifically for those who have applied tracking and analytics to Version 2 Decision Trees, this certification also opens the door to work with LeadsHook customers to optimize their tracking and analytics.

Benefits of LeadsHook Tracking Certification:

Many marketing funnels are missing effective tracking, creating a significant gap in data-driven decision-making.
By obtaining the LeadsHook Tracking Certification, you can fill this gap, gain potential job opportunities, increase your visibility, and develop your skills.
  1. Be The Solution: Did you know most marketing funnels don’t have proper tracking? There’s a massive market need for tracking experts, and with our Tracking Certification, that expert could be you.
  2. Open Doors to Opportunities: We receive countless requests for tracking help. As a certified partner, we’ll introduce you to these clients. Your Certification can open up so many work opportunities.
  3. Spotlight on You: Your certification gets you more than just recognition. We’ll proudly display your details on our website, steering potential clients straight to you.
  4. Become the Go-To Tracking Specialist: Our certification is more than just a stamp of approval; it’s a signal to clients that you’ve got what it takes to not only set up but also optimise tracking to scale their business. It’s about being the reliable professional that clients default to when they need tracking services they can trust.
So, if you’re ready to unlock new opportunities and solve real-world tracking problems, our certification is the golden ticket you need.

LeadsHook Tracking Certification: Entry Requirements

  1. You must have experience in using LeadsHook’s tracking functionalities in your projects or for your clients
  2. Provide links to at least one Version 2 Decision Tree (DT) from the past 6 months.
    -This DT’s tracking must be your own work (do not share others’ work).
    -You will be required to provide your LeadsHook User email
  3. You should have hands-on experience with outcomes-based tracking methodology.
  4. You should be proficient in configuring tracking tools such as Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, etc.
  5. Successful completion of the Tracking SOS Course on LeadsHook will add to your credentials
    – Tracking SOS Course  (Highly recommended, but not mandatory)
Application Process
The certification is assessed through two distinct assessments:

Assessment 1

Fundamentals of LeadsHook Tracking Setup

Assessment 1

Advanced LeadsHook Tracking Setup and Analytics

Assessment Evaluation

The assessment will be evaluated by the LeadsHook team. The evaluation will gauge applicants’ understanding of Outcomes-Based Tracking mechanisms, their competence in implementing LeadsHook tracking, and their familiarity with various tracking tools.

Successful applicants will obtain their LeadsHook Tracking Certification.