This guide provides a step-by-step process to use video custom fields in LeadsHook, allowing you to enhance user experience by displaying specific videos based on your leads’ choices.

You may use video custom fields to display videos. Here is an example:

In this example, when your leads select “male” or “female”, the video associated with the video custom field can be displayed.

Note: Almost all Email Service Providers (ESPs) and CRMs do not have an IMAGE or VIDEO custom fields so IMAGE and VIDEO custom fields can only be used to enhance the user experience in Leadshook.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Create a “video” custom field with the following configurations:

We have an article on how to create and add a Custom Field.

2. Here is how the decision tree looks like:

2 (a). For the questions & answers node (green), create a multiple choice question. Then click Add Answer Custom Fields and choose the video custom field. In this example, the image custom field is “superh_vi”:

We have an article on how to create questions & answers in a decision tree

2 (b). For the results page node (red), simply add the image custom field {superh_vi} in the text editor, in order to display the male/female superhero video:

We have an article on how to use custom fields in results page node


Video custom fields are an excellent tool in LeadsHook to create more engaging and dynamic decision trees. Following these steps, you can effectively use video custom fields in your decision trees.


  • Can I use multiple video custom fields in one decision tree?
    • Yes, you can use as many video custom fields as needed in a single decision tree.