Currently the fields are not existing in Leadshook, you may have to create the fields exactly the same in the guide links for each app below.

Please check this article on understanding URL parameters:

Step by Step Instructions on how to create a custom field inside LeadsHook

  1. Go to ‘Admin
  2. Select ‘Custom Fields
  3. Select ‘Answer
  4. Click ‘Add
  5. Input Custom field name (should be exactly the same name as the corresponding fields on a specific app)
  6. Select ‘text‘ type
  7. Click ‘Save

Note: Upon creating custom fields inside LeadsHook, please make sure that they are exactly the same in the guide links for each app.


Here are the list of the UTM parameters from Google, Facebook, Bing and Tiktok that needs to be added in LeadsHook as custom fields.


Facebook Ad Id = ad_id

Facebook Adset Id = adset_id

Facebook Campaign Id = campaign_id

Facebook Ad Name = ad_name

Facebook Adset Name = adset_name

Facebook Campaign Name = campaign_name

Facebook Placement = placement

Facebook Site Source Name = site_source_name


Bing (MS Ads) Campaign Id = CampaignId

Bing (MS Ads) Campaign = Campaign

Bing (MS Ads) AdGroup Id = AdGroupId

Bing (MS Ads) AdGroup = adgroup

Bing (MS Ads) Target Id = TargetId

Bing (MS Ads) Match Type = MatchType

Bing (MS Ads) Bid Match Type = BidMatchType

Bing (MS Ads) Network = Network

Bing (MS Ads) Device = Device

Bing (MS Ads) If Mobile = IfMobile

Bing (MS Ads) If NotMobile = IfNotMobile

Bing (MS Ads) If Search = IfSearch

Bing (MS Ads) If Native = IfNative:string

Bing (MS Ads) If PLA = IfPLA:string

Bing (MS Ads) Ad Id = AdId

Bing (MS Ads) Keyword = keyword:default

Bing (MS Ads) MS Click ID = msclkid

Bing (MS Ads) Order Item Id = OrderItemId

Bing (MS Ads) Feed Item Id = feeditemid

Bing (MS Ads) Location Physical = loc_physical_ms

Bing (MS Ads) Location Interest = loc_interest_ms


Google Campaign Id = campaignid

Google Ad Group Id = adgroupid

Google Feed Item Id = feeditemid

Google Target Id = targetid

Google Location Interest = loc_interest_ms

Google Location Physical = loc_physical_ms

Google Match Type = matchtype

Google Network = network

Google Device = device

Google Device Model = devicemodel

Google If Mobile = ifmobile

Google If NotMobile = ifnotmobile

Google If Search = ifsearch

Google If Content = ifcontent

Google Creative = creative

Google Keyword = keyword

Google Placement = placement

Google Target = target

Google Ad Position = adposition

TikTok Dynamic Params

Name of the campaign = campaign_name

Campaign ID = campaign_id

Name of the Ad Group = aid_name

Ad Group ID = aid

Name of the ad of creative = cid_name

Creative ID = cid

Placement type = placement