This guide explores the concept of auto-generated custom fields in LeadsHook, which are created when setting up a question using the Questions & Answers node.

When will custom field be automatically generated?

When we are creating a question using the questions & answers node, a custom field can be created for the question and the selected answer(s) will be added to the custom field.

Step by Step Instructions

1.Create a questions & answers node

2.Tick “Auto-generate custom field for this question”, the custom field name will be automatically populated, if necessary, you can edit it.

You may click the Option icon to choose the custom field type, e.g. text, number, email, etc.

3.Below the answer option, the value will also be automatically generated and can be edited if necessary.


Auto-generated custom fields in LeadsHook help streamline the process of gathering and categorizing user inputs from the Questions & Answers nodes. They can be customized as per your requirements, giving you better control over the data you collect.