This guide explains the setup of number and calculation custom fields in LeadsHook. It’s essential to discuss these two types of fields together, as they often operate jointly. Follow these steps to create your custom fields and enhance your data collection and calculation process.

The reason we cover both in one article is because they are often used together. For example, if you were selling something, you would store a price and quantity in two separate number fields. Then you would use a calculation field to multiply these two fields together to get the total price.


Active LeadsHook account

  • Prerequisites:
  • Active LeadsHook account
  • Basic understanding of LeadsHook’s custom fields

Number Fields

  • Number fields are custom field variables that are used to store a numerical value.
  • As they are variables of a numerical type, naturally they cannot store text, date, image, or any other type of data.
  • Here’s a video to show the steps to create a number custom field

Calculation Fields

  • Calculation fields are also custom fields. They are used to evaluate a mathematical formula and store the result.
  • The result can then be displayed the same way as any other custom field. You just type the variable name with surrounding brackets. For example {num}
  • Here’s a video to show the steps to create a calculation field

Special LeadsHook Only Feature #1: Sum+ Capability

LeadsHook already have the ability to keep a running total whenever you use the SAME custom field for capture numbers in another node or question.

Example: A common use of LeadsHook is calculating a score, say a Marketing IQ Score

You want to assign the correct answer a ’10’ points and ‘0’ points for an incorrect answer.

It’s inefficient to create a score number field for EACH question and then a calculated field to add all of the answer fields. This is why inside LeadsHook, when you use the SAME number field in any other node, it will automatically ADD the number assigned to and to a running total.

In our example this means, I can use a number custom field called marketing_iq in EVERY question and the end value will be a sum of all the correct answers. This means you only need 1 number custom field and let LeadsHook’s sum+ capability keep the running total.

Please note: The sum+ capability only adds numbers.

Special LeadsHook Only Feature #2: Calculations ‘Across’ Leads

Calculating across leads is also a powerful feature. This allows you to do polls and an average score of all of your leads and customers.

Please note: Calculations Across Leads are ONLY performed on the LAST node. Calculating ACROSS all of your leads/customers is NOT required until the end is why we have this limitation. These calculations are computationally intensive.

Now let’s say you want to calculate an average marketing_iq score of ALL of your leads.

You can do that by letting LeadsHook know you want to calculate across all of your leads.


If you’re having difficulties setting up custom fields, ensure:

  • You’ve correctly defined the custom field types (number or calculation field)
  • The values entered match the field types


Correctly setting up number and calculation custom fields boosts your data acquisition and processing capabilities in LeadsHook. For more tutorials and assistance, refer to our extensive help center.


Q: Can text or other non-numerical data be stored in the Number Fields?
A: No, the Number Fields can only store numerical data.