In this article we will discuss two specific types of custom fields. This is namely number fields, and calculation fields. The reason we cover both in one article is because they are often used together. For example, if you were selling something, you would store a price and quantity in two separate number fields. Then you would use a calculation field to multiply these two fields together to get the total price.

Number Fields

  • Number fields are custom field variables that are used to store a numerical value.
  • As they are variables of a numerical type, naturally they cannot store text, date, image, or any other type of data.
  • Here’s a video to show the steps to create a number custom field

Calculation Fields

  • Calculation fields are also custom fields. They are used to evaluate a mathematical formula and store the result.
  • The result can then be displayed the same way as any other custom field. You just type the variable name with surrounding brackets. For example {num}
  • Here’s a video to show the steps to create a calculation field

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