In this article, you’ll get an overview of what is a custom page and how to set it up inside your decision tree.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom Page node requires expertise in html, css and javascript. LeadsHook support is limited to the custom page node functionality. We do not provide support for custom code and scripts.

What is a “Custom Page” Node?

The Custom Page node allows you to add html/css/js code to create a custom user experience. You can add multiple elements such as fields to this node. You can even add animations or use any other libraries.

Custom page content is shown between body tags. You can add libraries requires under Decision Scripts. Please see the article for info on Global Scripts and Decision Tree Scripts.

Use-cases of Custom Page

  1. Landing Page: You can create a landing page. If you embed another decision tree into a custom page node, then you will be using 2 impressions. LeadsHook charges based on impressions of a decision tree. So showing 2 decision trees is counted as 2 impressions.
  2. Marketing Funnel: Add a sequence of custom page nodes and/or any other nodes
  3. Peronalized Thank You Pages or Salesletters

TIP 1! You can use decision nodes to create personalized marketing funnels. Previous answers can use used to show a much more relevant node.

TIP 2! You can build pages with multiple interactive page elements (e.g. a page with 5 sliders).

How to Add a Custom Page node