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  • Unfortunately, we don’t provide a way for users to reset their Decision Tree statistics. That’s because we use this data for billing purposes.
  • However, there is a way to filter your Decision Tree statistics. Where you can set your time zone, dates, and times.


  • An active LeadsHook account
  • Access to Decision Tree Statistics

Video Guide:

Pro Tips:

Using filters effectively can give you a clearer perspective of your statistics and help in better decision-making.


If you are having difficulties applying filters to your decision tree statistics, ensure that:

  • Your selected time zone is accurate
  • Dates and times specified fall within your activity range

If problems persist, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.


Rather than resetting, effectively filtering your Decision Tree statistics according to your preference can offer a more manageable and insightful view. Seek our support team for any assistance you may need.


Q: Can I reset my Decision Tree statistics?
A: No, statistics cannot be reset due to our billing policies. But these data can be filtered for clarity.