This guide outlines the steps to verify if your Facebook pixel has been properly set up on LeadsHook. Proper pixel setup ensures accurate tracking and data collection for your Facebook ads.

If you’re looking for instructions on how to setup your tracking including Facebook, then please see this article:

Your LeadsHook decision tree is delivered via embed onto any website or web property where you can add an embed code. Anywhere you can embed a youtube video is where you can embed a LeadsHook decision tree.

Learn more about deploying your decision tree here:

Please watch this short video on how to check if your Facebook pixel has been correctly setup.


Correctly setting up your Facebook pixel is crucial for monitoring and optimizing your Facebook ads. By carefully verifying your setup, you’ll ensure accurate and reliable data collection.


  • Can I use the same Facebook pixel for multiple decision trees?
    • Yes, you can use the same Facebook pixel for different decision trees. However, it’s recommended to use separate pixels for separate campaigns for more accurate tracking.