This guide outlines how to adjust the number of decimal places in number or calculated custom fields in LeadsHook. This can be useful for easier data reading and interpretation.

Step by Step Instructions  

Here are 2 ways to change the decimal places in custom fields:

Method 1:

Open the custom field by clicking the Edit button:

Change the decimal places based on your preference. 1 means 1 decimal place, such as 0.1

Note that the above method 1 only changes the decimal places displayed, it does not change the decimal places of the number registered in the system.

To change the decimal places of the numbers registered in the system, so that you can use the numbers in your CRM or email marketing system, please follow Method 2.

Method 2:

Create a new number custom field.



By changing the decimal places in custom fields, you can improve data readability in your decision trees. Use the method that best suits your needs: method 1 for display purposes, and method 2 to change the actual stored data.


  • Can I use both methods on the same custom field?
    • Yes, you can use method 1 to adjust the display of decimal places, and method 2 to alter the stored number.