In this article you’ll learn how to add your LeadsHook account url so your event data can be submitted to your Facebook pixel.

Please note: This action is different to verifying your domain. Please see an upcoming article on Facebook Domain Verification.

WARNING! By default, Facebook receives data from ALL domains where you have added your pixel. By explicitly adding a domain to the ‘allow list’, you could lose tracking from other sites where you have added a pixel unless you add ALL domains to the ALLOW LIST. You can see all urls from which the pixel is getting data.

What domains should I add to Allow List?

Please add all of your Leadshook domains associated with each pixel. You’ll have to add ALL of your custom domains as well if you are using a custom domain. Please be sure to associate the correct domain to the correct pixel if you are using multiple domains and pixels.

Follow these numbered steps to add your LeadsHook domains to the Allow List.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Click Events Manager

Step 2: Click Data Sources

Step 3: Select the Pixel you’re using with Leadshook