This guide outlines how to use mathematical functions in Calculated Fields within LeadsHook.


If you have not used calculated fields then please be sure to read this article on Calculated Fields.

Step-by-Step Instructions

You can get the full list of Mathematical functions by clicking the link…

Mathematical Functions are generally listed with with a math. prefix such as…

math.round(x, n)

When using mathematical functions in a calculated fields, please remove “math” prefix.

If the function is…

math.round(x, n)

Then only enter your formula as…


where n is the number of decimal place(s)


By understanding how to apply mathematical functions in calculated fields, you can perform complex computations and generate dynamic content in LeadsHook. Be sure to remove the ‘math’ prefix when implementing these functions.


  • Can I use multiple mathematical functions in a single calculated field?
    • Yes, you can use as many mathematical functions as necessary in a calculated field, provided they follow the correct syntax.

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