This guide explains the ‘Preview’ mode in LeadsHook decision trees. When a decision tree is not activated, it will display a banner across it as an indication of its status.

The reason we ADD this banner is to ensure you do NOT drive any traffic to this decision tree. When you decision tree is DEACTIVATED it will not SAVE any data and it will NOT use a global content delivery network.

The direct link URL will contain this…

The embedded version will contain this…

When you activate your decision tree, LeadsHook will push optimized code and images to a global content delivery network (CDN).

How to REMOVE the banner

Step 1: Please ensure your direct link or embed code does not contain preview=”true”. This will display the banner even if your decision tree is ACTIVATED.

You can remove the text manually (press the delete/backspace button and delete preview=”true”

OR Recreate by ticking OFF this checkbox…


Step 2: Your decision tree must be activated…

An activated decision tree will show status: Active


The ‘Preview’ mode in LeadsHook helps ensure you don’t drive traffic to a decision tree that’s not fully ready to handle it. By recognizing the indications of this mode and knowing how to manage it, you can better control the deployment and use of your decision trees.


  • What happens if I drive traffic to a deactivated decision tree?
    • The decision tree will not save any data nor use a global content delivery network, which could lead to suboptimal user experience and loss of data.