Death of Traditional Marketing

The #1 marketing problem faced by businesses is a tone-deaf market.  As a result most businesses are simply unseen and irrelevant.

But it’s not a business or marketer’s fault.

In a recent survey of graduates of one of the top 30 international business schools reported by Forbes…

Technological pace of change is the biggest threat to our businesses. In other words, our real competition is our inability to handle the ever increasing pace of change.

In fact the days of static pages and presenting the same message to everyone are well and truly coming to an end.

Are you embracing and leveraging this pace of change, or are you getting crushed and becoming irrelevant?

The most common approach has been to turn-up the volume of marketing! This is equivalent to yelling at your leads and customers…

“The rapid rate of technological and digital advance was the biggest challenge for global business leaders according to the survey, which questioned recent graduates from the CEMS Masters in International Management program.”

What’s the Answer? Create Bespoke Customer Experiences

The holy grail of marketing has always been one-to-one communications… the right message at the right time to the right person.

But… not by hiring new employees and increasing your cost of doing business.

You create intimate conversational experiences using an automated system that collects data about your leads and prospects and then automatically helps create your marketing messages.

This way you remove or at least dramatically reduce the friction between what your leads and customers want and the messages they receive.

5% of content pieces garner 90% of all content engagement

“Further analysis reveals that engagements are concentrated among a few pieces of content. Just 5% of that branded content garners 90% of total consumer engagements. The other 95% shares the remaining 10% of engagements. In other words, 19 out of 20 content pieces get little to no engagement.”

Credit: Marketing Truth or Marketing Hype Report by Beckon

No More Yelling!

One of the best ways is to deliver these individualised experiences is using decision trees.

A decision trees allows your customer to pursue their self-interest in your marketing funnel… in fact the less you get in the way the more persuasive your marketing messages.

And, it’s easy to create decision trees to deliver a bespoke customer experience. You do require capability in a few areas – don’t worry… you’re not required to be rocket scientist… just need sufficient capability in 8 core areas of marketing.

Get your very own individualised report in 8 capabilities required for individualised marketing.

P.S. It sure is a far more effective and persuasive than yelling!