“The Single Most Powerful Response Boosting Tool”

(From The Vault of A Multi-Billion Dollar Marketing O.G)

In every industry, true giants don’t come along that often.

And in marketing, it’s no different.

But when they do, they rewrite the rules for generations to come.

Mr. Makepeace (A great name too…) was one of the giants.

Sadly, he passed away on 24 March 2020.

However, during his career, Clayton Makepeace was responsible for billions of revenue for companies like Rodale and Boardroom.

Back in the mid to late 2000s, he created a number of products about direct response marketing and copy.

One of his best was “The Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach”.

And if you could describe it as anything, I think it’s the equivalent of an encyclopedia of marketing.

While Desktop Copy Coach is a great resource, his blog was equally impressive. Sadly his website and blog are no longer available…

Luckily Nik, our CEO, had the foresight to take screenshots and PDF’ed every page of his blog.

(Nik does NOT mess about when it comes to Marketing Education)

And a little while back, while searching for a specific Clayton Magalog, he stumbled across one of his blogs posts titled,

“The Single Most Powerful Response Boosting Tool”

It contains what Clayton called “My 37-Point Acid Test for Direct Response Copy”

Which is Clayton’s own copy self-assessment tool which gives you a grade from A to F.

Then Nik, turned the whole thing into, you guessed it…

A Decision Tree Using LeadsHook 🙂

So, if you have any copy, you want to run through a godfather of marketing’s own checklist to see what’s missing…

Now is the time.

Because spending a minute or two for a quick assessment is going to be far cheaper than going live with your own real money!

Don’t worry either.

There are no opt-ins or marketing shenanigans to jump over to use Clayton’s tool.

Click the button below to get your own grade from Clayton.

After you’ve given your copy the once over, maybe you’ll be interested to see how Nik put the Decision Tree together.

Thats in the video below. 



If you want to discover more about Clayton, you should be able to find his articles using web.archive.org


The example above is just one example of way a Decision Tree & LeadsHook can be used to make engagement interesting and valuable to visitors to your website.

We also have a host of ‘Done For You’ Services where we can execute similar Decision Trees in days.

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