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Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

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We know LeadsHook exists, not only because of the team behind it, but also the insights from you, our clients.

Because it’s your valuable feedback that makes LeadsHook better.

However, to make sure your ideas and questions reach the right people we take action, the workflow has to be smooth.

This is why we pride ourselves on making sure our customer service always exceeds your expectations.

And we’re happy to say, so far, we seem to be doing that right at least…

That being said, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to serve you better.

And we believe our new updated help feature does just that…

(As well as helping us get the Holy Grail Of Leads 🏆)

Faster, Easier & Better Help

When finding a solution to a client’s problem, we know the higher quality information we receive from the start, the faster we can get to work and solve it.

So, to support this, we’ve added a frictionless way to upload and send us an image or video of what you need help with.

✅ We Receive High-Quality Information – Less ‘back and forth’, saving time in the process.

✅ No External Platforms – No messing about with Loom or Zoom, or grabbing screenshots.

✅ URL Grab – Automatically grabs your URL so we know exactly the Decision Tree without you even telling us.

And it’s as simple as clicking the new help button on the right-hand side, and you’re away!

Take a look at this short video below on how it works.

More Than Just A Update

Of course, the main goal of the update is to solve your problem faster, easier, and with as little fuss as possible…

However, the idea behind it also has a positive side effect.

Customer Satisfaction.

Or to put another way…

A bump in our Net Promoter Score. (Or NPS for short)

If this term is unfamiliar, I’ll explain…

If you’ve ever been to a bar or restaurant, chances are this has happened to you…

It’s your turn to get the drinks.

You skillfully dodge past the other patrons and make your way to the packed bar.

You can see the bartenders are busy, so without thinking, you scout the length of the bar to see who’s next.

And although Math was never your ‘thing’, you instantly calculate (with lightning speed) there are another 3 people ahead of you.

A few minutes pass, and the bartender carries on about his business without a care in the world.

Walking the length of the bar and seemly serving people at random.

You try to catch their eye, but apparently, you’re invisible.

Your frustration is building…

But you still fight the urge to raise your hand in the air and wave your money about like you’re holding a white flag surrendering to the enemy.

The thirst is getting unbearable…

So, what does the bartender decide to do?

Stop serving altogether, hide in the corner, and check his ‘urgent’ Instagram messages on his phone!

It’s all too much…

You walk back to your friends, grab your coat, and persuade everyone to leave.

But not without angrily telling them about what just happened, and vowing NEVER to step foot in the establishment again!

Ok, so, maybe that exact thing hasn’t happened to you. But you get the idea.

How does this infuriating experience relate to business…

Well, you’ve just witnessed the easiest way to lower a Net Promoter Score.

What is a Net Promoter Score?

NPS measures the willingness of your audience to organically recommend you, your company, or your product to a friend or colleague.

And some consider it to be the ultimate metric when measuring customer satisfaction.

How do you measure NPS…

Simply ask your audience this one question:

“On a scale of 0–10, would you recommend our [What your measuring] to a friend or colleague?”

And depending on the answer, your audience is split up into 3 groups…

Detractors – (Score 0 – 6) They hold negative views and are most likely to talk trash about their experience on social media.

Passives – (Score 7 – 8) They are neither impressed nor upset enough to share their views either way.

Promoters (Score 9 -10) These are the clients who worship the ground you walk on and will sing your praises every chance they get.

You can work out your score by subtracting the % of survey respondents who are detractors from the % of survey respondents who are promoters.

This will give you a score that will land somewhere between -100 to 100.

So, what makes a good NPS score?

Generally speaking:

  • An exceptional NPS score is 70+
  • A very good NPS score is 50+
  • A decent score is in the 0–40 range, but improvement is needed
  • If you fall below 0, something is seriously wrong

A little-known fact about NPS’s…

So, you’d be forgiven for thinking a high NPS is directly related to solving the problem.

And in some regards, it is.

Because if you never solved your customer’s issues, the least of your worries is your Net Promoter Score…

I’d be more worried about staying in business at all!

So, if solving the problem isn’t the biggest factor…

What moves the needle the most when it comes to NPS…

In fact, it’s letting your customer know their problem is being dealt with in the first place.

Remember the bartender?

Imagine this scenario instead:

As soon as you reached the bar, he looked up, smiled, and mouthed:

“Sorry, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Then quickly passed you ‘fresh’ a bowl of salted popcorn to keep you occupied

In that split second:

He alleviated your frustration, gave himself some breathing room, and even bumped up his Net Promoter Score…

All with these simple gestures.

And this rule holds true when solving a problem for clients or answering a query in any business.

Now, there are a lot of psychological factors that come into play.

Explained in more detail in this study of the ‘Psychology of the wait time experiences’ here.

To summarize, though:

  • Informing clients of delays increases tolerance (Let them know you’ll be with them soon)
  • Apologizing for delays can reduce negative feelings from a long wait (Say sorry)
  • Creating opportunities for patients to use wait time constructively. (Keep them busy)

If you use any or all of these, you can only expect improvements to your own customer satisfaction score.

And that marketing side effect?

The Holy Grail of Leads 🏆

Your new set of promoters will be shouting from the rooftops (and on social media) about your business…

Getting you FREE high-quality, referral leads!

(And even though I shouldn’t say this)

Without a LeadsHook Decision Tree in sight.


One last thing…

If you yet to try LeadsHook out and are curious what it can do for your next campaign. Try us for FREE by clicking below.

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Marketer by day…Asleep by night. Various outside interests, none of which I’m very good at.

But passionate about showing the industry LeadsHook is the most advanced lead-generation platform on the market. (Without question)

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