[Case Study] The Lazy Way to Turn Anybody’s Content Into a Personalized Lead Generation Campaign!


Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

Where Are Your Biggest
Lead Gen Leaks in 2023?

(Generate Your Report In Just 60 Seconds)

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For Lead Generation & Marketing Tactics very few people, know about…

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In this article you’ll discover one of the best ways to create content that is practically guaranteed to add value.

Perhaps this is Skyscraper Technique 2.0! 🙂 

Watch the video below to discover how…

In this video you’ll learn:

How to turn any video, blog post, study or research into an interactive marketing campaign that dynamically creates personalized lead magnets.

The following methods of personalized are shared in this case study:

  1. Lazy Method
  2. Separate Pages
  3. Charts
  4. Scores
  5. Mathematical Formulas
  6. Dynamically Generated Report
  7. Unique Content based on Maximum Points
  8. Unique Content based on Points Table
  9. Personalized Content based on Conditional Logic
  10. Dynamically generated PDFs
  • This video was selected at random showing a concept called “Entrepreneurial DNA” is used… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsU9N…
  • The type of content you can turn into a lead gen campaign. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to turn anybody’s content into a persuasive lead gen campaign.
  • Discover the “conversion” of a video into nuggets of interesting facts to be used to construct the lead gen campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsU9N…
  • How to leverage other people’s frameworks, systems, and methods into your own marketing campaign. You’ll never run out of ideas — simply convert any content that has been shared, liked or is ranking well and make it your own.
  • How to create a lead generation campaign from content or markets in which you have no expertise.
  • The drop-dead simple method for creating a lead gen campaign that is almost impossible to fail!
  • How to leapfrog past your competitors in less than an hour by exploiting months of their hard work — your competitors will deliver your next winning campaigns… over and over again!
  • How to turn one piece of content into over 10 different methods of personalized lead magnets — in fact you’ll be able to create thousands or even millions of combinations of created from the path or answers selected by your prospects.
  • How to implement a lead magnet with dynamically generated scores
  • How to implement a multi-factor scoring decision tree
  • How to create questions inside LeadsHook 5:45: How to add a score to your personalized content without adding a single formula.
  • Secret auto-calculating feature sum+
  • How to create and add an auto-generating personalized chart in under 2 min — EACH and EVERY lead or prospect will get their own chart in a new milliseconds.
  • How to add an auto-generating chart into your lead magnet in under 9 seconds.
  • Why marketing gurus promoting still haven’t realized quizzes are only a manifestation of a much more powerful yet largely undiscovered form of persuasion. And, why this one simple secret will give you an immediate advantage even in the most hypercompetitive markets!
  • A little-known self-persuasion technique which covertly builds the desire for your products and services. This secret works directly on the primitive easily-suggestable reptilian brain!
  • How to automatically “extract” private intimate details of your website visitors. And practically have Facebook beg you to find them.
  • How to automatically create content so personalized, your leads and prospects will think you’ve hacked their lives!
  • If you’ve created formulas in excel then you’ll chuckle how easily you can replicate your formulas inside LeadsHook in seconds!
  • Discover the two simple building blocks of personalization which allows you to create thousands or even millions of combinations to generate personalized content and lead magnets.
  • How to control the interactions between results and results pages.
  • The Three Results Display Methods used by LeadsHook to create personalized content
  • How to attach ‘content’ to an answer to automatically generate a personalized report
  • The Ineffective Lazy Method: The the ineffective lazy method that you must NOT use for personalization.
  • How to quickly and easily create separate results pages. You’ll find this is better than any lead magnet you’ve ever used but is not even worth doing with higher levels of personalization you can create with LeadsHook.
  • What is the Max Points Results Display Method
  • What is the Points Table Method
  • The Unlimited Personalization Method. How to use conditional logic to create personalized content
  • Discover the personalization power when you “daisy-chain” decision nodes. You’ll be surprised how easily you can create personalized content that is as unique as each and every lead.
  • Dynamically Generated PDFs: How to dynamically generate personalized PDF for each and every lead!

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Article By

Nik Thakorlal

As the CEO of LeadsHook and a seasoned BBQ enthusiast, I have spent 20 years navigating both the online and offline marketing worlds.

My journey began in the high-stakes realm of investment banking.

Now, I am committed to assisting online businesses in attracting higher-quality leads at a lower cost, leveraging the power of first-party data and personalization.

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